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Confusion over BIOS settings

Level 7

I received an Asus Maximus VIII Hero recently, and have been tinkering with the BIOS settings at stock frequencies to get everything stable and to set a baseline for when I start overclocking.

Problem is, the last build I did was with a Z87 Gryphon motherboard, and things seem to have gotten much more complicated since then.

I'm having a great deal of difficulty understanding some settings or finding further information online. Namely, most of the stuff under "tweaker's paradise" goes way over my head.

Can anyone provide any explanations for the settings in this image? There is also "CPU standby voltage" on another page, which I've never met before either.

Finally, there is a page listing selected "boot voltages" - what happens if I leave these on auto?

I've tried looking through the manual but unfortunately all it seems to do is provide a pretty tautological explanation of each setting identical to the one in the UEFI pages.:(


Level 7
Apologies, I'd neglected to review the post and didn't notice the image size was way off. Fixed it now . 😛