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Conecting Ranger to monitor using DVI-D

Level 7
Yet another of those things that look simple.

I am using the Ranger MB to rebuild an existing system. The monitor (I don't want to throw it away) has two inputs. RGB. which I do not want to use and DVI-D.
The DVI appears to have HDCP - but real old.

I am looking for a conversion adapter or (preferably) cable. In the MB I don't care if it is the HDMI or display port, as long as it works. Reading through information
on adapters, I am seeing notes about the adapters being passive and needing specific conditions in the video source. For Displayport, they say the MB port has to
support PD++ orthe cable will not work. I have not found this information for the board.

I could use some help in getting this figured out. Which should I use: HDMI or Displayport? What do I need to connect one of these to the DVI-D connector on the