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Computer restarts

Level 7

I have very strange behavior of my computer (Maximus VIII Ranger, Core i7 skylake, 32GB ram, GeForce 1060GTX, Windows 10 1909). My computer suddenly restarts (no blue screen jus reset with no logs). I have checked:

- Removed all USB devices
- Check memory with memtest (couple hours)
- Changed power supply
- Removed all PCI express cards
- On safe mode there computer is not restarting

- Behavior is lasting couple months on different windows versions that was in this time – I have tried with clean windows installation also
Restarts are not constant sometime I can work whole day but when they starts I’m able to log into windows and work couple seconds. By accident I have fixed this by pressing “clear cmos” button when I have blocked my pc while playing with BIOS settings. After this I have couple days with no restart. After some windows update (maybe it was not connected but happens just after) computer again started to restart. I have this all night (10 restart in the row), in the morning I tried again and computer restarted so I have cleaned cmos and after this no restarts but I don’t know when it will start again. Anyone of you have some idea what can be wrong?

Level 40
What RAM exactly? Is it two kits of same make/model?

It is:

Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, 32GB(2x16GB), 3000MHz, CL15*

But as I mentioned memtest gives no errors on couple hours test and after this test when you enter to windows it would restart.

Level 40
These kind of restarts...I would look to RAM first...not the only rhing to look at..

Have you tried serting voltage a little higher...DRAM voltage and/or SA voltage...what is BIOS setting?

Unfortunately Memtest falls short of a real test on these modern in OS test like Karhu RamTest would be better or HCI memtest

When you clear CMOS...defaults...I presume you are then returning to set XMP?

After reset I only set virtualisation ON - all other settings are not changed. If this is RAM it should be random and it stops in safe mode. Of course I can check those programs but I will have to check for restarts again.



Level 40
Sometimes high density RAM doesn't run well at defaults

In AI overclock XMP profile for your RAM...that will set 3000MHz and required voltages...

Test that.

Safe mode is safer because it loads the system less...maybe the RAM is on the border of stability and fails in full fat OS