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Bios settings for dual boot?

Level 7
I have not been building new pc for 6 years. My old Gigabyte Intel pc began to malfunction, I suspect it's HDD, probably wear and tear.
So I went ahead and ordered all necessary parts to build a new pc. My issue is Bios settings, it's all new to me, especially UEFI vs legacy.

My system details are in my profile. I was able to install Linux Mint and Windows 10 on separate SSDs. I was surprised about using my mouse function in Bios. Nice feature.

My problem is, when I turned on my pc, there's no boot selection screen as whether Linux Mint or Windows 10 I wish to boot on, it took me straight to Linux Mint.
When I want to boot to Windows 10, I have to do it through Bios, under boot selection at bottom screen where I just click using mouse on certain SSD with Windows 10.

My SATA set up: Blu Ray burner is hooked to port 1, SSD 256 GB for Linux Mint is hooked to port 2, SSD 512 GB for Windows 10 is hooked to port 3.

I have boot disks for both Linux Mint and Windows 10, so I assumed legacy mode would be best after I installed Linux Mint through UEFI while being unaware at first then installed Windows 10 through legacy.

Since I could not enter boot screen to select which SSD I wanted to boot on that forced me to enter Bios every time when I wish to boot on Windows 10, do I need to reinstall both OS or just Linux Mint on legacy?
Also which legacy or UEFI is better? I did research UEFI, I'm still vague about it. In case you ask, I avoid overclock as I prefer lastingly reliability and stability.

Level 15