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bios query

Level 7

my bios version is currently 1902 (26/06/16).

the newest version i have found is this:


is this correct?

do i need to flash my bios ready for when i install a new card like the rtx 2080?

sure, i may not need to flash the bios if performance and booting up seems good after installing the new card.

i found a video on youtube, but i just need to check with people here first, as as i don't want to bugger up my mobo.

1) clear cmos before powering up the pc?

press the button or hold it for how long etc.?

2) ez flash or usb bios flashback?

if i was to go ahead and flash the bios, i just want a straight flash. isn't usb bios flashback for if i want to configure extra bios options?

these are the main things to be clarified.

once i hear back from people explaining , i should be fine to go ahead.

i'm probably being overly cautious, as i have heard of people "frying" their mobo, as they didn't know what they were doing!

Level 7

peter tron wrote:

Hi bro,

1. this forum is dead.
2. between 1902 and 3802 are a lot of bug fixes, improved compatibility and stability patches, even security patches
3. i think, even when i not notice any issues, its always worth to have latest BIOS and im updating BIOS every time new release is published
4. im doing it always by one way: f2 to enter bios => tools => ez flash tool, i have wired connection with internet, so i choose to dowload it from asus server directly, u can prepare usb pendrive with latest bios, and in ez flash choose local drives and prepared usb
5. ur risk is one: power breake can interrupt BIOS flashing and can damage it, after that case u must use BIOS FLASHBACK feature
6. u dont need to clear cmos or load default settings in BIOS before flashing, but for better compatybility with any changes they made, good to done it AFTER flashing and first reboot, after that u can make a fresh customization in BIOS settings (only if u need ofc, u can go with defaults settings as well)

sorry for my bad English, hope i could help u : ))