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Headphones Audio problem/Question

I recently picked up some sennheiser hd650 headphones for use with my hero viii mobo. I've noticed if i connect via the front headphone jack it will detect the impedance (300ohms) and automatically set the amp to extreme, But when connected to the ba...

Arron by Level 7
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Ai Suit Wont Run

Any idea how to get any of the Ai Suit software running, i have tried everything i can find but the installers wont launch,i think its a bit of a bad show from asus when their own software wont run on their own hardware, it should just go withno mess...

Maximus VIII Hero – Change POST / boot logo

Hello ASUS support team, mods and fellow usersI am owner of a Asus Maximus VIII Hero mainboard and I have problem an a related question:Problem: I am not able to change the boot logo (red/black ROG Logo) which shows during POST untill Windows (Boot M...

mreich by Level 7
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Weirdly cant boot VIII Hero when pump is conecessary why ?

Hi Everyone I'm new to this forum so big hello. So past couple days I'be been hitting my head aganist the wall on my gaming PC I built. Basically I was gaming one day and put the PC to sleep, came back later and it wouldn't boot. At first I kept gett...

SpiderD by Level 7
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Why is my Intel LAN so slow ?

Why is the Intel LAN so slow on my Asus Maximus VIII Hero compared to the speeds I got on my old Sabertooth 990FX R 2.0's Realtek LAN?Extremely annoying that once I'm out of any web browser and in Steam, Origin, Uplay or Windows 10's Windows Store my...

Hero VIII SupremeFx LEDs

[Can someone post a picture of what the SupremeFX red LEDs are supposed to look like on the Hero VIII boards? I think the LED near the power button of my motherboard may be out, as the red line stops before the end of the board. If possible, can yo...

Maximus VIII HERO SLI in game freeze and shot down VGA

In all game when i turn on SLI and using PCI-E Gen3 mode after 5-10 minutes (In Rainbow Six Siedge after 1 minutes) screen freeze, but sound and control working 1 minutes after VGA driver shot down (and restart again) and game closed.All test memory ...

Asus Maximus VIII Hero error 00

Goodmorning at all, i have a big problem with my new Mainboard Asus Maximus VIII Hero with an Intel i5-6600K, PSW Corsair RMi 650W and VGA Asus 970 Strix OC 4gb.Have mounted this pc 2 weeks later and from this time have worked good.Saturday Have play...

(Solved) Bad MoBo or CPU?

So a week ago i assembled my pc and here are the specsAsus VIII Hero Alpha6700kGTX 1080 SLIDominator Platinum Ram> Avexir RamOn the first time i assembled it i got the code 55 which indicates bad ram, i tested the sockets they were fine. removed two ...

Hameli by Level 7
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VIII Impact PCH Temperatures

Hey All,I seem to be having some issues with the PCH temperatures on my Maximus VIII impact. Mini ITX.Under full load after say 45 mins of gaming it hits 75C. After this temperature games appear to crash or blue screen,Updated to latest BIOS and am r...

ed0z16k by Level 7
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