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Maximus VIII Ranger PC turns itself on after shut down

Hello Guys,yesterday evening i noticed a strange behavior of my pc. Five seconds after i shut down the whole pc (after every led on the board was off) the system started completely again and booted normalinto windows. I never had that before and toda...

CPU overheating due to faulty fan/header - no shutdown??

HelloI'm currently running an i7 6700K, clocked at 4.4GHz, with an Asus Maximus VIII Hero (CPU cooled by a CM Hyper 212 Evo).Recently I've had a few incidents with the CPU severely overheating. In all cases the CPU fan stopped completely, and had to ...

Odaik by Level 7
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Ranger - Upgrading from 8 to 16GB RAM

Hello,I'm thinking to upgrade memory capability of my rig.I'll get out my 8GB (2x4GB) kit and install a fresh new kit of 16GB (2x8GB).First kit that got my attention is this fresh one, but is not QVL certified (list not updated):http://www.corsair.co...

Kraken x31 and VIII Ranger BIOS settings?

Hi,The Kraken was silent and then I installed the Kraken CAM software which then made a loud rattling noise. I've fixed that by in the BIOS turning off the QFan control.I now hear more of a quiet vibration noise.What settings do you have configured t...

KevinUK by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero - Ethernet speed drops

Hi,Do you have or have heard about problems with LAN Ethernet intermittent speed drops on M8 Hero (Win 10 x64, no AI Suite installed)?In my case I have connected PC to Linksys EA6900 via CAT 5e cable (1Gbyte). In most time Internet transfer speed is...

cniedzi by Level 8
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Can the red LEDs be turned off on the VIII Formula ?

Guys, can i turn off the red highlight LEDs on the VIII Formula board? Like in bios or something.I want it to look exactly like this, pitch black: http://rog.asus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ROG-M8F-1.jpgI'm not digging the red scheme.

Nomanor by Level 7
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Z170 DDR4 Speeds

Hi,This question is surely covered many times already, but I did some research and couldn't find an answer.Anyway,I've got MVIII Gene, 6600K, SM951, GTX970, 2*8GB DDR4 3000First I used to run the Ram at "XMP" timings (3000 15 15 15 35), which worked ...

claudej by Level 7
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Bios shows wrong memory speed?

I've changed my memory. I am using corsair 3000mhz right now. In bios, it shows 2133 however. I've had couple of problems while experimenting with my speeds like memory speed is set to 3000mhz and xmp is enabled, but they are running on 2133mhz. Hope...

skaliba by Level 7
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Cant se Samsung 950 pro i bios?

Hey ROG1st problem:I've recently bought a new computer and it has been a struggle from the start, so need help to solve my problems. The first problem is that my M2 PCIE Samsung 950 PRO is not recognized in bios? (Asus Hero Alpha Z170 motherboard) I ...

joenson by Level 7
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