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Hero VIII - Sound not woking (Code 10)

Hello, Yesterday my computer frooze and after a hard reboot the sound is no longer working. I have tried to uninstall and re-install the drivers (and using CC-cleaner afterwards), disable and then enable the onboard sound in BIOS, removing strings in...

Raid 0 attempt has killed my PC.. Help

Just finished building and setting up software on my new build and I have just attempted to Raid 0 a pair of 850 evos for storage. My boot drive is a 950 pro nvme on M.2. I went into BIOS and changed SATA Mode Selection to Raid, I then rebooted press...

B_C_R by Level 7
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Cold boot issues on new build, please advise!

Hi everyoneMy first cold boot was successful with post and everything being recognized. While still plugged into the power outlet, warm boots, resets and booting from sleep is successful.The issue starts once I unplug the system from the wall, I can'...

MightyMo by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Extreme - x4 PCIE slot

Hello, I'm planning to buy PCIE SSD but I have case, where is motherboard installed horizontaly and not verticaly, so I see my graphic card waterblock.VIII Extreme has got some PCIE x16 controller:https://i.gyazo.com/dcfd23461eb0b0fdc4fc6659fed75adb....

Maximus VIII Ranger QVL for memory modules questions

Hello RoGers,I'm thinking to upgrade from 8GB to 16GB my rig - no rush since i can run daily software without problems.I have Maximus VIII Ranger, a Z170 platform with 4 slots for DDR4 memory modules (up to 3400 OC according to website, but 3466 OC i...

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Revert to Previous BIOS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha

I have been experiencing a lot of "freezing" since my BIOS updated to 2202 on my ROG Maximus VIII Hero Alpha. Is there a way to revert back to 1902? Every time I try to do it from the EXFlash utility, it gives me an error message that the file I do...

fan card

Does anyone have any idea where you can find a fan extension card? It seems these are impossible to find. The only place I have found one was on ebay and its in Germany.:mad:

morpwr by Level 7
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BIOS 2002 possible BSOD issue

Recently my PC started to show me BSODs occasionally. It seems unrelated to whatever programs i run or if it is under heavy load or not. The BSOD is "IRQ No less or equal" and unfortunately, there are no other information about te exact cause. RAM is...

Tumas by Level 7
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PC wont boot NEED HELP

So, today i recived my new PC parts for my new build those being the I5 6600k, G.skill tridentZ 16gb 3200Mhz and ofc the motherboard being the Maximus VIII Hero.The problem im encountering right now is that im getting the Q-rcode of 55 everytime i bo...