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What does this ASUS loading animation mean?

What is going on during this boot animation (like, is this before Windows takes over?) and what is a normal length of time for it to continue?

THX1139 by Level 7
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Problem:When installing a 16X Graphics card in the PCIEX16/X8_1 bus, the PCIEX4_1 bus does not recognize any installed cards.Windows informs that the PCIEX4_1 bus is avaible (not occupied) but cannot detect any card installed.Tried to change in UEFI ...

Droped to bios after win 10 reboot.

Hey!I got a little problem. Maximus VIII hero motherboard with the newest bios. WD Black 2TB hdd, win 10.After i reboot the pc from win 10 /start menu-> reboot/ the PC dont start and drop me in to the BIOS. The PCH storeage configuration is empty.0 H...

DIP5 Version 1.03.60 now available

I just noticed that a new version of DIP is now available.As usual, no changelog!Has anyone played around with it? I had a few issues with FanXpert3 and am curious if they made any progress with this thing...

Jaws_AT by Level 7
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Bios upgrade wipes Raid Configuration

Has anyone else experienced the issue were you upgrade the Bios and your raid configuration is wiped? How can this be prevented and you keep your current configuration? I am tired of losing data on the array every time I upgrade the bios. I have ...

AndrewJ by Level 7
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Asus Hero VIII - LED doesn't stay the color I picked

Hello - I installed the Aura program to update the ROG LED light on the mobo but the settings never keep. I have to open up the app everyday and change it in order to update the color. Has anybody else been having this problem? Is there a way to fix ...

phlorge by Level 7
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Maximus Viii Gene Wont Boot Up

Hopefully someone can help out. I built this computer a year ago and it has ran fine up until a few months back. The problem I am having is getting it to start up after it is shut down. There are no problems or issues while it's running or if needed ...

Unable to boot of PROPER-WORKING OS-Install-USB Sticks

Got a Maximus VIII Hero with BIOS 2202No matter which OS I write onto my many USB sticks (USB3.0 and 2.0) Linux or WindowsI'm unable to boot of them. I made them using Rufus and they are proper UEFI Usb sticks.They worked before.. back on older BIOSe...

ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Q-code b2

HelloI had an ASUS P8 Z68-V Pro motherboard with Corsair Memory, SSD and an EVGA GTX 970. It worked fine for years and then began to fail to POST on every 5th-6th boot. The only indication of a problem was the VGA LED on the board was lit up. The fix...

drenai by Level 7
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