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Bsod whea_uncorrectable_error And CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT

it's been a week I've been having both of these only on CPU stress so I went and put the cpu to default , but I still get them if I stress the cpu a bit .. I took out my cpu to clean it and add new past on it and noticed something weird , something t...

MRBULL by Level 10
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Bad Board?

Well sup guys?got me the MVIIIE with the patriot viper sticks, thing is at first it was a lill confusing about the banks as A2B2 is default, but my sticks were 4x8 so I filled up the slots, got me code 55 right away , thought mmhhh maybe i got a lem...

Detleg by Level 12
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Recently I setup my new pc and formatted my computer to windows 10 x64 and connected my SSD to SATA6G_1 and enabled AHCI in bios, updated bios to latest, and installed all Asus driver from the website but in Samsung magician it gives me "AHCI Deactiv...

60308 60309

Recommended RAM

Hello,Making a shopping list.Wondering if anyone has RAM/model/speed/channel (dual vs quad) that they use and recommend for one of the Maximus Mobos & a 6700k?I want to overclock to say 4.6Ghz mark for VR gaming / flight sims (i.e. not going to be fl...

chokko by Level 7
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CPU fan stuck at 100% after running fan tuning in BIOS

Hi, there I have a VIII Hero. Before i was able to adjust the CPU fan speed lower in the BIOS. But, after running the Fan optimizer. The CPU is stuck at 100% with no way of lowering it. Any body have any idea on how I can adjust it? I cannot set the ...

Maximus VIII Extreme

Hi I am having problems with this board which I'm hoping someone can help me with. so at first I thought it was a Windows 10 issue but it isn't. when I try to play any game my FPS is at a solid 30. done all the things people have seen saying hasn't w...

Using Bios for controlling fans , for best results

Following a negative experience from using the AI Suite iii software to control the fans and oc my rig, I'm going to use the bios from now on,Fans and fine tuning their speed for when the PC is idling and not under any stress, I have manually configu...

Dave500 by Level 7
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Weird Logon Problem

Im not sure if this is a motherboard issue, Windows 10 issue, Graphic Card Driver Issue or Monitor Issue....980ti Acer X34 Gigabyte Max VIII Hero mobo (latest bios)When I turn my PC on first and then the monitor straight after the screen is black and...

spluff by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Extreme, Samsung 950 PRO, Windows 7 x64

HiHas anyone successfully installed win7 on this combination? How did you do it? I tried all different manuals, youtube, forums that i could find online, but no success. Indrek

Indrek by Level 7
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Hero Alpha random shutdown after POST

Hey guys, I have a problem with my new first build. My PC randomly shuts down after POST, sometimes after cold boot, sometimes after restart. It also happened after first power on. In the Event viewer I have noticed 'critical error' - Kernel-Power, E...

g00dkat by Level 7
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