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Hang on new BIOS (Maximus VIII HERO BIOS 2202)

I updated to ver 2202 BIOS and the system hangs on Q-Code 64 and an orange error light.I tried to revert to an earlier BIOS but I get this message."The model of the BIOS image doesn't match the BIOS ROM currently present."Any ideas?editI should add t...

Brewskie by Level 7
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usb 3.1 enabled causes pc to not shut down

asus tech say its defective but I dont believ it. When i disable usb 3.1 in bios the pc shuts down normal. when i enable usb 3.1, the monitor shuts off but the mobo and fans stay on (no im not talking about just the rgb logo, im talking alll fans spi...

Maximus Formula VIII issue?

Hello everybody,I had a problem with probably my OS and it was solved when I reinstalled it. Thread link is as follows: https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?87968-(SOLVED)-Asus-Maximus-VIII-Formula-does-not-boot . Now the issue is my system unex...

Z170 MAXIMUS VIII HERO can't reboot normally

CPU, MB, Memory, PSU were bought two weeks ago.CPU : Intel I7-6700KMB : ASUS MAXIMUS VIII HERO (BIOS : 0802)Memory : 8G DDR4-2133 HyperX FuryPSU : Seasonic P-860WOS : Windows 10 Pro (10.0.10240)I met a problem since i install win10 pro.If i turn on m...

USB power loss issues

My new PC will suddenly have intermittent power available to the USB devices. I know this is what's happening because my USB mouse will no longer function, my USB wireless headsets audio will cut in and out and my controller's LED will flash on and o...

ROG Hero Alpha cannot shutdown completely

Hi,I'm experiencing problems with my PC during shutdown. The fans stay lit and the qcode says A0. I performed a clean install of Windows 10 and I didn't install ai suite3. I have the latest bios. I think it's the psu or the motherboard. Are there any...

sunmoonr by Level 7
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Corsair AX1200i and RM850 not working in maximus viii extreme

Hi, I am new to this forum, possessor of a new asus maximus viii extreme and the problem I have is that the mother does not turn on, does not boot using a corsair AX1200i source, but if I put a HX850 source the motherboard turns on and the pc walks p...

dkneodie by Level 7
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Q-Code Error 32

HiI Build New PC ,System SpecsMotherboard:Asus MAXIMUS RANGER VIIIProcessor:intel i7 6700K Memory :Hyperx Fury 2133Mz 8 GB (HX421C14FB2/8) Monitor:BenQ RL2755HM CPU Cooler:Cooler Master Hyper 103 Case:Circle CC840 Power Supply:Corsair V...

GodLoft by Level 7
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