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Maximus VIII Gene Audio

Whats up guys? So im having some issues/clarification with my audio. recently clean installed windows and it automatically installed asus realtek drivers but without the sonic suite. when i go to install the latest versions from asus website, it will...

boot issue since installing new GPU

Like the tittle says ive been having boot issue since installing new GPU. Blue screen within a min or 2 of boot and pc acts laggy . once I reboot all seems fine except asus fan control (although running) isn't loading the desktop icon . new GPU Is a...

Subsider by Level 7
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Asus Bios flashback !!!

Does Asus Flashback flashes all roms on the motherboard or only the bios rom. And does chipset installation flashes the roms on the motherboard. I have Asus MAXIMUS VIII Ranger Motherboard. Is there a way to flash all motherboard roms at once( LAN ro...

Blue Screen on Windows Install maximus viii hero alpha

Hi AllJust purchased components for a new z170 build and i am having issue's with getting windows to install without bluescreening. The error messages i am getting areclock_watchdog_timeout and whea_uncorrectable_error. When the install fails it will...

EnvyYou by Level 7
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After this last round of windows updates I started having all kinds of issues with crashes and dll errors so checked to see if there where any updates for drivers. Found bios and driver updates for chipset and vga. Problem is both of the vga updates ...

morpwr by Level 7
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CM Nepton 140XL on W_PUMP

Hi, does anyone have high RPM reading on W_PUMP header on their AIO cooling? Mine is 6900-7000RPM on W_PUMP/CPU_OPT with Disabled management (100% power) and around 5200RPM on other headers. Its making pump produce high-pitched noise but it might be ...

Intel Online Connect Service (Possible issues caused by this service)

If you updated to the latest Intel Management Engine Interface driver and are having issues at login then read this post (you can skip to the bottom part of the post for the fix). This will be a very lengthy post as I will explain in detail what I we...

VIII hero alpha and i7 6700k OC voltage HELP

OC at 4.5Ghzi can't get the voltage to run at 1.32V under LOAD, at LLC 5 it will run at 1.312V ( show in aida64 and hwmonitor) (1.312 V is unstable BSOD )LLC 4 it will run at 1.29vLLV6 1.344Vif i type in 1.325v Manual, Vcore voltage will jump...

Demard by Level 7
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AI Suite and Logitech Drivers don't play well together

Hi Guys,Just a heads up if you're using a logitech keyboard with G-keys or something like a G13. If Ai Suite is installed the drivers for the logitech stuff will crash your PC. Uninstalling everything that has todo with AI suite allows the Logitech s...

Lowkey by Level 7
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