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Can not get in BIOS

I have the Hero Alpha board and can not enter the BIOS. I am running Window 10 Pro 64 bit. I went in power settings in Windows and disabled fast boot and still can not access.I have tried holding shift key while powering down and holding F2 on powe...

dgtots by Level 7
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VIII GENE i7 7700K Bios?

I will be purchasing the 7700K upon release. Just wondering if the current BIOS supports this CPU? Or if I will/There Will/ Be an Update?

Order of overclocking on the Maximus VIII Hero

Hi Everyone,Long-time ROG-fan, first-time Overclocker here! I have questions about the order in which I should be doing things, and would love your advice / perspectives.1. I just installed 4x16 Gb G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3400s, and have them stable ...

Kaelon by Level 7
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Compatible memory with the ASUS VIII HERO

I noticed the motherboard manual lists anything after 2800+ speed to be only 4GB DIMMs. G.Skill has released multiple series for 8GB and 16GB DIMMs as well as ones that go under lowest CL listed (CL14). Will a 3000-3733 16GB CL14-16 work with motherb...

Andriokz by Level 7
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m.2 and U.2 slot usage at the same time.

Hi. I have a 950 pro 512gb m.2 nvme drive and was running out of room. I got an intel 800gb u.2 nvme drive and was trying to get that going but I not see it in bios which mean windows can not see it. Are we able to use both m.2 and u.2 slots at the ...

Fezzik by Level 7
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Asus ranger z170 bios 3307 problem

Hi all.After update bios 3007 (ASUS Ranger) i have a big problem with OC with Adaptive Voltage. Before my i7 6700k run flawless 4.5Ghz 1.26V..Now i get BSOD even with 1.3V. I dont know whats happened. Bios 2202 everything is ok. The 3307 bios for Asu...

Possible to play phone audio though PC speakers Via Bluetooth

Hi AllI have the ASUS ROG Hero Alpha with the Antennas connected and my Samsung s6 connected via Bluetooth, but i was wondering if its possible to play the audio on your phone and have it come though your speakers like you can do in a car or with Blu...

EnvyYou by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Gene Audio

Whats up guys? So im having some issues/clarification with my audio. recently clean installed windows and it automatically installed asus realtek drivers but without the sonic suite. when i go to install the latest versions from asus website, it will...