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RAMCACHE 3.01.00 update message

RAMCache software have recently been the source of audio output issues, because the software was creating high latency levels within the computer system. This was sometimes leading to popping and cracking noise in the audio output.The latest version ...

Bahz by Level 12
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PC restarts when virtualization is turned ON?

From about two days I had random PC restarts – they were instant (without bluescreen). I was searching in my hardware – so I removed all hardware I could prom PCI Express, check ram and PC was still crashing. After turning off virtualization on CPU n...

bigdnf by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero vs Razer Firefly

Hi, For many years I have been having a problem when I connect my Razer FireFly mousepad. When it is connected and I turn it on, it simply gives an error and does not turn on the computer. When I take it out the mousepad, and restart it, it turns on ...

luhhh by Level 7
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3 Memory slots not working on Asus Maximus VI Hero

Hi, I have Asus maximus VI Hero mother board. Except DIMM_A1 no other memory slots are working. I have tested with working DDR3 RAM (single stick) in all slots.Except in DIMM_A1slot the PC went into boot loop which never ends in all other Memory slo...

Ramesh by Level 7
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Improving the Vcore of my 7700K on Maximus VIII Gene

Hi,I have a 7700K on a Maximus VIII Gene.If I reset the bios, I get a high Vcore and high temperatures.The last time I tried, Vcore was around 1.36 on Turbo. Temps were impossible under load.I use Dual Intelligent Processor in AISuite. I know you don...

claudej by Level 7
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windows freeze, no boot no beep code 00

Hello,I have an issue with my current pc. This build was working just fine for 4-5 years, so this is NOT a new build.Suddenly, a few days ago, my pc froze: mouse/ keyboard did not work and screen was stuck. After doing a restart of my pc, it did not ...

wnxxion by Level 7
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Maximus 8 Ranger - Q-Code 18 with BIOS update

Short version;Updating BIOS results in Q-Code 18 ("Pre-memory System Agent Initialization is started") and no boot.Long version back story;Some years back (estimated 2018) this board ran just great with a relatively recent BIOS (with the same other h...

Djiel by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Formula Wifi/Bluetooth Question

Hey allManaged to pick up a Maximus VIII board for cheap but with no addition cables etc, just the board and the IO cover. Does the wifi/Bluetooth on board work without the antennas connected? Would I need to get the connectors separately and would j...

Help with CPU, motherboard , VRM and PCH temperatures

I purchased a used ASUS ROG Maxumus VIII Hero Alpha (seller swears it was in working condition)I completed the build and went into the BIOS to reset it and the CMOS.While there I looked into the monitor section and noticed really high motherboard and...