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SS2DevProps.dll is crashing at least two Windows programs

SS2DevProps.dll is crashing at least two Windows programs, including Internet Explorer. It does not do it every time but often. Reinstalling the driver Sonic Studio 2 is not working to solve that issue. Does anybody have the same problem? What is th...

Medico by Level 7
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BIOS Warning message

About every 6th or 7th boot I get a black screen with the message "BIOS is Updating...Do not Shutdown or reset the system to prevent system bootup failure." There is a code 80 on the motherboard.I didn't try to update BIOS in any way. Also, nothing h...

duffyfs by Level 8
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An isolated instance of "Overclocking Failed"

I managed to get my system humming along beautifully last week -- a Maximus VIII Hero with a 6700K and 64 GB of DDR4-3400 G.Skill TridentZs, using XMP. No other overclocking or settings. Tested successfully for 7+ hours of MemTest86+ without fail, ...

Kaelon by Level 7
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VIII Hero Alpha M2 EVO960 PCIE not at full speed looking for help

I have run in to a snag and I figured among all of your brilliant minds out there, someone must know what I am doing wrong.I installed an EVO 960 500GB M2 drive. It should top out a 3200 MB/s read speed but it is stuck at 2000 MB/s. My best guess is ...

Microphone barely audible and robotic

Hello. I recently built a brand new PC with an Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha motherboard. Everything is working fine except for the audio through my microphone. The the audio from the computer sounds fine, but any recording of my voice that I do or wh...

Maximus Hero VIII Microcode 2016-17

I open this post, to record that we have the ballast that we already live on its launch day Skylake with the microcode.Apparently in his day was settled because the apps that worked in OpenGl stopped failing through updates Bios, Intel did the same a...

After Shutdown GPU fans and H100i v2 fans continue to operate

Hello,I wanted to raise this problem that I am trying to solve for more than a month:After shutting down the computer, the GPU and liquid cooling fans continue to operate.I have tried a thousand configurations but I do not get it to stop all the fans...

Hero alpha wifi cooling

Just completed my first Hero Alpha build.Everything seems to be working except, when copying files to/from the machine via the Wifi connection, the connection is lost periodically.I found that I can greatly improve the situation by turning the fans u...

Maximus VIII Hero Alpha - AURA bug + PCH overheating

Hello,I started using Aura for this MB few days ago, just with one RGB strip in Header 1, everything worked fine.But today I added second RGB strip (to header 2) and started noticing some problems.When I set a Static color to Header 2, the light just...

InToSSH by Level 7
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