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Maximus VIII extreme Q00 code won't boot

Hello all*Pc will no longer boot press the power all fans power up but it just hangs the oc panel says f1sbck(f15bck) not sure if it's a 5 or an s but it says it's OK and stays on that even after leaving it. The gpu has a load colour led and this is ...

Ryanmt99 by Level 7
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12 celcius temp difference with FAN expert and RealTemp ?

bios 2202just wondering why is there a huge difference here ? I'm using fan expert and it's using the cpu temp from ai expert that means I would have to set the intelligent fan -10 C to match what it actually is ?

MRBULL by Level 10
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Maximus VIII Ranger . Error 00 , Plz help

I have been using my Maximus VIII Ranger for almost an year now with BIos 2202. Everything worked fine till Yesterday. When i turned on the power the computer wont boot and I am getting an Error code 00. I have tried clearing the Bios , removing the ...

Water Cooling with Maximus VIII Hero Alpha

I installed an Arctic Liquid Cooler 120 with my Maximus VIII Hero Alpha. I plugged the pump onto the pump header. The two fans are piggybacked and plugged onto the CPU header.Should I use one fan with the CPU header and the other on the CPU_OPT heade...

vidguys by Level 7
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ThunderboltEX3 HELP!!!!!! Urgent

Hi to all members of the forum, i need help with thunderboltex3 from someone who made this card to work, it worked for a couple of days when i bought it and then suddenly stoped. The card is currently in PCIx4 slot, latest bios,it is recognized in wi...

Temperature core Intel 6700K

Hello everyone, I have the temperature as the title of one of the core processor that is 10 degrees more than the other 3. Overclock 4.8 ghz and Vcore 1.40. Motheboard Asus Maximus VIII Ranger bios 3007. Must I delid the CPU or I can keep things as t...

Problem with my motherboard bios

HiI have problem with my motherboard bios.My motherboard is : ROG MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME/ASSEMBLYI installed windows 10 pro on samsung 950 M.2.Now i want to install kali linux on it.but i can not install dual boot.Please help me

As us Maximus viii hero bios 3101 cannot disable IGPU

Hi friends.I recently grabbed a 7700k CPU and updated bios to 3101.I have contacted Asus directly they responded fast giving me a link to the manual and stating how to disable IGPU and select PCI-E.However I already know this I have been messing with...

unix43 by Level 7
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!HOT! VIII Extreme 3007 BIOS problem with temperature

Hello, I got really wierd/big problem and I can't solve it whole day...Today I updated to BIOS 3007, when I found my OC unstable I copied back 2202 from BIOS 2 to BIOS 1, but it was more unstable - benchmarks stopped working all the time, after some ...