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Maximus viii hero oc results @ i5 6600k

So this is fun. Last night I was documenting my pcs for posterity when I noticed that despite my lackluster of a cooler (a noctua from 2008 with one fan, something like n 12 or somesuch) I had pretty decent temperatures. Around say 60 degrees. My ove...

Severan by Level 8
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Maximus VIII Ranger - Bios 3201

Hi guys, I need help.I was using bios 2202 and decided try new 3201 and now I'm having issues with monitor. When I try to disable CPU fan monitor ('cause I use WC in WPUMP Header) all sensor are disabled too and when I try renabled bios freeze.Anyone...

How to boot windows from you m.2 SM 951 on Asus Maximuss VIII guide

As many ppl (including me) has trouble with installing m.2 SSD on z170 motherboard i post short guide here, share it for everyone who need it .Bellow method i used to install Samsung SM 951 m.2 card on Asus Maximus VIII Hero z170There is whats i did ...

kiwaczek by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero Build Problem. Help!

My son and are have a Maximus VIII Hero with an I7-7700K processor, 1 stick of PNY ANARCHY DDR4 2133MHZ RAM, I had 2 matching ones in it but was getting a memory error on the other one, figured it was bad, no video card yet. Trying to get it to boot...

Gene VIII random lockups - but stress test stable

HiAsus Gene VIII Bios 2202I5 6600K @oc 4.5 1.244V (adaptive mode + 1.20V) and when @stockSapphire AMD Radeon R9 390 NITRO OC Graphics Card (@ stock latest drivers)Corsair 8GB DDR4 Vengeance LPX 2666MHz (CMK16GX4M2A2666Sandisk SSD x2 Coolermaster V100...

ANM by Level 7
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ASUS Maximus VIII Ranger Worker Thread Returned at bad IRQL!!!

Very weird BSOD when I boot from bootable windows 10 USB. IT shows the ROG logo and after that it gave me BSOD Stop: Worker_Thread_Returned_at_Bad_IRQL. I try with as few as possible components. Only mobo one piece of ram ,cpu and PSU with no luck. I...

VIII Ranger Incorrect CPU temperature

Hello,My motherboard is not showing the processor temperature properly. I bought 4 months ago, I configured with 4.5GHz overclocking but last week my computer did not work with 4.5GHz overclocking. I did not change anything, it just stopped working a...

Q code A2 on Maximus VIII hero. Please help

Hi allI am new in this forum. I built my first PC with maximus viii hero. all the parts have been installed and when I turned my pc on motherboard shows me q code A2. I have installed 2 HDD, nothing else. My configuration is:Maximus VIII hero motherb...

Maximus VIII Hero Freezeing (ACPI error?)

Hi, I've just upgraded from a 7+ year old machine, so I may be a little rusty when it comes to trying to problem solve the following...When I'm in game (Alien Isolation, occasionally GTA V, so far not X-COM), I'm seeing the occasional system freeze.I...