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Maximus viii formula 7700k multiplier.

My formula will not let me go multiplayer 50+. I can set 50+ in bios, but cpu-z and other tools are shoving only 49 in windows.Even during benchmarking/stress.Got my formula used for a nice price, i had a pro gaming z170i and no problems with 50 mult...

M2 + Normal SSD + HDD

Hi all:I have a normal SATA SSD, and also a HDD.I have been thinking of buying an M2, to have Windows and other few things.Does this motherboard support having the 3 of them, an M2, SSD and HDD?.Also, this one: https://www.pccomponentes.com/kingston-...

Hero Alpha 0 upload speed on wifi (works in linux) - Qualcomm QCA61x4A

Hello all, I have a new build and I'm having some issues with the Qualcomm QCA61x4A wireless adapter. I am running Windows 10 Pro version 1703 and since the beginning I was getting wifi issues: 0.00 Mbps upload speed on any speed test (some times 0.0...

Gapsna by Level 7
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Asus Z170-P SLI compatibility

Just a quick question, I have the asus z170-p (not the pro gaming one) and I'm planning running 2x 970's in SLI but a friend just asked if my Mobo is compatible so my question is, is it?Couldn't seem to find anything on it myself so any input is appr...

RobTWC by Level 7
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Are Z170 WS or Z170 Deluxe or Z170 Premium Intel SGX ready?

I am sorry for duplicated thread. I posted the same question in another section already, but it probably belongs here, under Z170.Motherboard manufacturers added Intel Software Guard Extensions option into BIOS only recently. It is never present in t...

triffid by Level 7
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No DTS 5.1 Audio over optical after Windows 10 Creators update.

Hi guys, if you are using the the realtek on board HD audio optical out do do upgrade to Win 10 creators. You will no longer have 5.1 surround, only 2 channel supported. I tried all the lastest drivers from realtek and Windows MNU updates. Nothing wo...

hero viii post code 32

Hi.finally have my setup under waterasus maximus hero viii,i7 6700 k 2 x8 gig gskill ram-on the qvl listgtx 780 classified,psu corsair ax12008 pin cpu is seated properlyi have one of the pump sensors hooked to the cpu fan header-as i had read i could...

Windows 10 utorrent having problem to open it

Hy guys, windows is clean installed but i can't open utorrent. In event viewer it gives me this error:Faulting application name: utorrentie.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5728e5c7Faulting module name: SS2OSD.dll, version:, time stam...

Shakecip by Level 10
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Win 10 Creators Audio Install

Hi all,I am going to do a clean install of Windows 10 Creators update. I have the Asus VIII Hero.When I have installed windows can I use Realtek HD AUDIO DRIVER VERSION: a. will it work okay? b. will it install sonic studio? if not can...

spluff by Level 7
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Intel Management Engine Driver Only

I have the latest VIII Hero Bios (3401) and want to install the drivers only for Intel Management Engine (not the services etc)Just wondering what IME firmware is this bios on and what driver only do I need to install...(I tried using the Asus ones ...

spluff by Level 7
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