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No 5.1 for headphones when splitting audio streams?

I have 5.1 external speakers which are plugged into the rear jacks, and Sennheiser HD 598's plugged to the case front jacks.With realtek playback settings checked to mute internal output device when external headphones are plugged in, I can select 5....

M8H storport.sys causing high latency

Using Latency Mon I have discovered the storport.sys is causing high latency.storport.sys 2.008436Does anyone have a solution for this?Latency Mon StatsCONCLUSION________________________________________________________________________________________...

Installing new ME Firmware without an asIO.sys error

Sorry peeps, I just noticed Ashley in the thread "New BIOS Version out today (11-09-17) MH VIII Hero?" https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?97312-New-BIOS-Version-out-today-(11-09-17)-MH-VIII-Hero&p=688819#post688819 around page 10 posted the...

WoodyLZ by Level 7
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Strange overclock at factory BIOS (z170 Ranger, 6700k)

Dear community, i dont know where to go with my problem, so im writing here Motherboard: Z170 Maximus VIII RangerCPU: i7-6700kIve purchased this setup in 2016 march, and was running the factory BIOS since (im 90% sure it was version 1001, but i just ...

fisttt by Level 7
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Al Suite 3 Stopped Working

I have a Maximus VIII Alpha Hero. I walked out of the room for a hour. When I came back I saw that the computer rebooted. When I logged in Al Suite 3 was not working.Checked for any updates that might have happened while I was gone and there were non...

vidguys by Level 7
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Line out

Hi,Trying to connect to an external amplifier and want to avoid double amping. When I connect to the lime rear Audio IO port I have 2 options headphones and front speakers. Is front speakers a 'true' line out i.e. fixed impedance output.Thanks,Anees

ANM by Level 7
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Hero Alpha BIOS Safe Mode

Everytime I cold boot my computer in the past few weeks it boots into safe mode in the BIOS. I hit discard changes and it boots up fine, so I am not sure what could be causing this. I am on BIOS 3504 using XMP and running at 4.6Ghz across all cores. ...

Do We Want ME Driver & BIOS Versions Matching?

So I took the leap and updated the ME version to, then ran the update tool, then updated the bios to 3504.I noticed the bios has ME version both ME versions match?Thanks

SlackROG by Level 10
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MAXIMUS VIII FORMULA Integrated Sound Card Mic Buzzing

I've recently switched from a USB mic to a 3.5mm TRS mic and I'm struggling with some buzzing sounds.If I mute my mic or even unplug it from my headset (Hyper X Cloud Alpha) it will still buzz. Not only does it buzz though; I have software to filter ...

midiout by Level 7
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