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Can someone explain the BIOS FlashBack: COPY BIOS1 TO BIOS2, etc..

The manual is not very clear on how this exactly works. So I am a little confused, and have some questions.. Assume BIOS1 is 3401, and BIOS2 is 3007. (I hope this doesn't confuse things, it just helps me think this through..)The "Now BIOS Status: ...

Snacko by Level 7
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New BIOS Version out today (11-09-17) MH VIII Hero?

Version -2017/11/093.27 MBytesME Update toolIntel has identified security issue that could potentially place impacted platform at risk. Use ME Update tool to update your ME.*We suggest you update ME Driver to the latest Version simultaneo...

stichcs by Level 7
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IGPU Multi-Monitor doesn't work in BIOS 3703?

I've been using BIOS 1601 for almost 2 years, and wanted to update my bios to hopefully fix other annoying problems. But I cannot get the Integrated graphics to work now. On BIOS 1601 I set the IGPU Multi-Monitor: Enabled, and I think I had the Pri...

Snacko by Level 7
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Friends, owners for MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME, can you tell us how BIOS 3703 works on your motherboards?Is everything good if compared with the previous versions of the BIOS?Is it worth to update on it?What became better, and what became worse?

MaFikSS by Level 7
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Sonic Studio won't open in WIndows 10 v1607

It starts in tray bar, but configuration window won't open. I'm gonna try newer version I found on the Internet.EDIT: Nope, neither them work. Bummer.EDIT2: This one work: http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/misc/audio/Realtek_Audio_Win7-81-10_V6017629_...

Terepin by Level 8
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Which BIOS version? Maximus VIII Gene

After suffering continual spontaneous re-boots with a clean install of Win10, I'm really wondering which BIOS ever worked on this mobo. The reboots are very sporadic, but seem to get worse the longer the computer has been powered, i.e. 15mins operati...

will_w by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Formula + Samsung SSD 960 EVO win 10 cannot install

I have an odd issue with this pair of hardware.- BIOS detect my NVME SSD on boot devices (it's good).- When I try to install Windows 10 Pro from scratch, it shows me my 960 EVO in list of disksBUT, I can't install windows in there. when I select the ...

caqo1971 by Level 10
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Hey Asustek where's our new UEFI's at ?????

Hey Asustek it's now been a week since Intel gave you their latest fix for Spectre.Where the hell is ouur new UEFI's at???????We're sick and tired of waiting for them Asustek.High time you all got off your asses and released them.

Autoplay in Windows 7 not working for DVD/CD Drive

Hello,I have built a new computer using a Hero VIII motherboard and installed Windows 7 Pro 64bit onto a SM951 M2 drive.I have 2 off Asus DRW-24F1MT dvd drives on it - Windows was installed from one of them using a modified installation disc created ...

NickG by Level 7
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