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Asus Maximus viii Hero Cold Boot.

Hello Guys.Since i updated my bios to Version 3703 my system dont work that well.My Problem is on the colt boot everyday i start my pc it dosnt post and show me the code 00 after i plug out the psu cable and plug it back on.It boots like when u do cm...

most94 by Level 7
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BIOS 3007 and above failt to POST (stuck on Q-Code 09)

Hi all,Until recently, I was running the 1902 BIOS on my Maximus VIII GENE. But a few days ago I decided to upgrade to 3703, to patch myself against the Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities.After flashing to 3703, my PC failed to POST. Looking at the Q-C...

M8E with unsupported G.Skill

Does anyone have any experience running two of the G.Skill F4-4000C19D-32GTZ 2x16GB kits for 64 gigs total at 4 GHz in an M8E? I want to try it, but I'm curious about the probability of success.

Help with Boot Order

I added another new SSD today, but when I re-connected the sata 6Gb/s cables to the mother board, I don`t think the cables are in the order that I had them. The boot order in the UEFI BIOS is wrong. How do I correct the boot order without re-installi...

No USB power and no video

HI Everyone, i recently installed a 1080ti into my p5 open case with a extension cable so i can vertically mount it. I put everything back together and ran benchmarks yesterday. As of 7 AM EST this morning my computer would not show any video and app...

Bios 3703

I am running on the Maximus VIII hero alpha. In regards to the specter/meltdown security issue,if I update my management engine driver and run the update tool, am I safe with 3504 BIOS, or am I not fullysafe until ASUS releases the 3703 BIOS?

acerzr2 by Level 8
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ASMedia USB 3.1 FW update tool

I need an advice from you guys... Today i updated my BIOS to 3703. I checked all the other entrys on the ASUS Homepage and found the ASMedia USB 3.1 Firmware update. Thought it wouldn't hurt to update and started the process. Afterwards i got a summa...

Hero Alpha RGB Header

So I purchased the Phanteks LED Strip to go with my Evolv case as well as the Phanteks 4 Pin RGB LED adapter made for Asus mobo. When the strip is connected to the RGB Header on the mobo the strip will not display red. I unplugged the led strip fr...

dgtots by Level 7
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Maximus Hero viii won't boot - leds turn on, psu fan works

I'm not sure what happened tonight.I had shut off my oculus and was moving some cables around, a USB cable and some speaker cables. All of a sudden the system shut down.Current the leds are alive on the board as are the start and rest button.I've us...

Impact VIII - Headphone AMP

Hello,I have a problem with my Headphones (250ohms). The Impact VIII motherboard should automatically detect and optimize any Headphone (32-600ohms). Unfortunately it detects and amplifies my 250 ohms Headphone only when I plug it in the font side a...

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