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How-to: Patch Meltdown and Spectre

First things first, this guide is assuming the following:1) You are using the Asus Maximus Hero VIII 2) You are on Windows 10 x64If you are not using the same mobo, the few links i provided below pointing to the ASUS website will allow you to select...

Khaosd by Level 7
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Sennheiser GSX1200pro - No start with Windows 10

My Sennheiser GSX 1200Pro does not boot with Windows. I have to unplug it from the usb and plug it back in, to activate it. When restart, start well. only happens if I start the computer from offCan someone help me?I'm almost sure it's a problem wit...

fpollan by Level 8
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Hi people,I start this thread just to make people aware that if they have a M8F and a Corsair Dominator Platinum (4x4GB) 2666 memory, the new BIOS won’t work neither once you enable XMP.The last bios that worked with this RAM was 2202 from september ...

VIII Gene - No USB 3.1

I ordered myself a USB 3.1 Type C drive to mess around with. But now I discovered that the USB type C and A ports on the board are not working at all.Here's what I have tried so far.Plugged the USB C drive into USB 3 port - WorkedPlugged USB 3 drive ...

BIOS 3801 for Maximus VIII Extreme (20/04/18)

MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME BIOS 3801 (20/04/2018)Improved system performance.Updated Intel CPU microcode.Improved DRAM compatibility.https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/MAXIMUS-VIII-EXTREME/HelpDesk_BIOS/

MaXeLL by Level 7
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Sound Crackling/Popping while playing games

Hello guys.I have had a sound problem for 4 months.I mean crackling / popping when playing games.I tried diffrent ways.-Instaled different os (win10, win8.1, win7)-Tried different drivers-Updated and downgraded bios-I bought new PSU-I buy external so...

emesay by Level 7
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Information about usb 3.1 type-c

Hi guys I need an advice from you if I may ask.In short with my motherboard and my case I can't use the USB 3.1 type-c front panel connector of the case.Is there a way to add 3.1 header support to my motherboard by any chance?Thank you kindly for you...

Asus Maximus viii Hero Cold Boot.

Hello Guys.Since i updated my bios to Version 3703 my system dont work that well.My Problem is on the colt boot everyday i start my pc it dosnt post and show me the code 00 after i plug out the psu cable and plug it back on.It boots like when u do cm...

most94 by Level 7
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Can't access Bios after updating Bios.

Hi all, I have just updated my bios to 3401 and now I cant seem to access it on start up. I get the page showing press Del or F2 to access bios but nothing happens when I press them, It just boots straight to windows. never had the Issue before, Cou...

Bungal by Level 7
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