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Maximus viii formula slow boot

Hi, Anyone got any solutions for my pc taking ages to boot up to the windows part of the boot process ? it sticks for about 20 - 30 secs on the ROG BIOS Display image from pressing the power button to then getting to the W10 loading part. Thanks

Stereo Mix is silent

I have an issue whereby I get no sound on Stereo Mix. I use an Edirol UA-25EX as my main sound device, however I enable set the Realtek's 'Stereo Mix' as the default input device, but I see no signal on the meters and nothing gets recorded by a simpl...

What is the maximum storage IO on Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard with RAID 0?

I would like to achieve the fastest IO storage solution that I can on my motherboard whilst also considering the cost to do this. I was thinking of making a RAID 0 for this purpose but I can't determine the most sensible way to do this. Am I right...

THX1139 by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero endless RESET LOOP (with C-states) : still not fixed?

question & problem's basically in the titlefor starters, the background:setup: got a maximus VIII Hero (the regular NOT the alpha) at a below bargain price from a friend who don't need it no more. Bios is latest versionI had several sky & kaby lake C...

URIZEN by Level 7
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Hoping for some help

Good Evening all,I am new to the boards and I am in need of expert opinions.I have had a long and tiring road with a CYBERPOWER PC that I bought back in 2016. Needless to say it worked beautifully until one day it just died ( 18 months after I bought...

Maximus VIII Hero randomly restarting

Hi guys, recently my computer randomly restarts when i'm playing games. I've checked the temperatures and they are all below 65ºC, and i've runned the stability tests of aida64, rog realbench and memtest86 which all of the my computer passed, Also di...

UEFI beep vanished after BIOS update.

***Important Update***I've been making research on the matter itself and I have stumbled upon an important detail I had overlooked for a long time. (Check below)The problem is that normally right after powering up, during the splash screen I'd hear t...

Koodu by Level 7
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Q code 00 + random codes

HeyaPc was working without any problems, yesterday after I came back from work I turned the pc on and it didn't boot and showed q code error 00Maximus viii z170 gene 16gb corsair ddr4 3200Gigabyte 1080 gaming Antec platinum 900wI7 7700kFlashing bios...

kennkra by Level 7
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