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Sonic Studio II low and high equalizer sliders have no effect

Hello all, I have noticed in Sonic Studio that the 32Hz and 16kHz sliders have no effect on the sound output. All the other sliders work as they should. I am curious if anyone else has noticed this, and if so does anyone know how to fix? Using the...

SoobRex by Level 7
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Bios Erp S4 or S5?

Hi everyone I have a new gaming pc, with an asus maximix VIII hero. I had read about the erp setting in bios to limit power usage when the pc is off, but there are two options like s4 or s4+s5.Can someone explain me the differences between those two ...

Crackling/Popping audio on HERO VIII

Lately, I have been getting stuttering audio and a pops coming from my headphones while plugged into the onboard audio also same when I plug them into a DAC but plugging in the headphones into a phone works perfectly fine. Also there was a post on re...

adiwitko by Level 7
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CPUID HWMonitor sudden slow load times - BIOS or Windows issue??

Hi, I wonder if anyone else can confirm whether they have seen this behaviour. I updated my Hero BIOS to 3007 from 2202. And manually rekeyed all my O/C settings (had a text file dump for reference). However I noticed that CPUID HWMonitor now takes a...

zildac by Level 7
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VCCIO voltage completely stuck, manual setting don't work at all

On my Maximus Hero VIII, my VCCIO voltage was ridiculously high when set to auto after setting XMP (1.35v or so), so I tried to set it to a more reasonable 1.15v. Booted into windows.. 1.008v. Tried a million different settings, higher, lower, does...

ibtar by Level 7
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Asus Maximus VIII Gene nvme runs only at 3.0x1 in m.2 slot

I am trying to understand why I cannot get my Samsung 970 EVO Plus to run at 3.0x4 in the m.2 slot. I have tried different bios settings that I thought would help but I could only get this to run at 3.0x1 in the m.2 slot. I purchased an adapter card ...

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