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Fan Xpert 3 does not show all the fans

Hi,I recently bought a custom built PC with the Maximus VIII Hero Z170 motherboard. As it can be seen in these pictures, the build has 5 fans:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3wcn8xistisk274/AABK6WFJx3BFa2CIA21p45yTa?lstHowever in Fan Xpert 3, with the exc...

Veyron by Level 7
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MAximus Viii Extreme Intel USB 3.1 not working

Maximus VIII Extreme the Intel USB 3.1 port does not seem to work, the manual says in Onboard Devices Configuration there is an option to enable or disable the Intel AR USB 3.1, but that option is not there, is it a bios issue, defective motherboard ...

Menthol by Level 14
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Maximus VIII Hero: Long Restarts and Login Freeze ups

This is my setup, everything running at stock speeds.Motherboard: ASUS Maximus VIII Hero,CPU: Intel 6700K stock speedRAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4 2666 Storage: 512GB 850 Pro SSD as Boot, 1x 2TB Toshiba PH3200UGPU: ASUS Strix 980T...

Maximus VIII Gene - 00 code after BIOS flashback upade

I was not able to set my Kingston 4x8GB set to 2666MHz as it should be but it was only possible to achieve 2133MHz. So I have tried to update the BIOS to the last version non-beta version (0801) by the BIOS Flashback. After that system is not POSTing...

Gerbes by Level 7
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Gene Hero POST CODE 55 - Gskill issue?

Topic Typo, didn't mean to put "Gene" in the topic. The MB is a Maximus VIII Hero".My 6700K landed today to complete my build. Turning on the machine hangs at code 55 - Memory Not Installed. If I remove the Memory, I get the normal "Missing Memory...

Ozy311 by Level 7
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Maximus Viii Hero - Memory in DIMM slot B1 or B2 cause Boot Error 55

Quad channel Memory from approved list. G.SKILL F4-2666C15Q-16GRR(XMP) 16GB ( 4x 4GB ) SS 15-15-15-35 1.2Vinitially with all 4 slots filled - boot error 55 = no memorychecked all connections reseated all 4 DIMMs - no change boot error 55 tried d...

gabby09 by Level 7
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Strange issue

I recently set up a new PC with a Maximus VIII Hero and i7 6700k @4.6GHz. Ever since I first started it I have been having issues with it locking up if I leave it on for long periods of time. I have a horrible internet connection so I leave it on ove...


Maximus VIII Ranger + SM951 nvme + Windows 7 64bit OK!

I asked asus support if it was compatible but they were no help.So in case you want to know, this worksI selected Other OS and uefi boot in the bios. (and cleared secure boot since windows 7 doesn't support it)Maximus VIII Ranger (bios 1001) + SM951 ...

Kedas by Level 7
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Maximus VIII hero audio pop

hi everyone, i have the ROG maximus vii hero, with 6700k , rip jaw 4 32 gig 3000 ram, when it boots into win 10 i get a pop through my speakers and then a second pop it is rather loud does not mater at vol the speakers are at, any ideas would be grea...

clvig by Level 7
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