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VIII GENE - Q-code 29?

I am trying to build my first PC in a decade, so I might have messed something up. I first unknowingly bought a memory that was not on the list in the manual (Corsair CMK16GX4M2A2666C16, 8GBx2), and it showed Q-code 00 (as I put them in neighbouring ...

Amadan by Level 7
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Random USB not up at Windows login screen.

I have a hero Viii MB and wonder what I can check to debug random occurrences of USB being down at login.My Logitech Mouse and Keyboard are not lit up and I cant log in.I will watch to see if I get MB BIOS Mouse and KB at prior to OS boot.About 1 out...

gabby09 by Level 7
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BSOD after updating my maximus viii hero to latest version 1001

BSOD memory management error after bios update to the latest version 1001 Although the update went successful... did it happen to someone or heard about it?i downgraded to version 0802 (mother-cd) and no BSOD meanwhile... my rig:intel core i7-6700K A...

tvazana by Level 7
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Sonic Suite 2 Maximums

I have always listened to music through my speakers and had everything else go through my headset. After installing the Sonic Suite II I noticed that immediately the headset would detect as Realtek HD Audio 2 but it would play the same thing as my sp...

Maximus VIII Ranger crackling noise/sound from CPU or I/O Activity

Hi,When I plug my speakers in the back and I move the mouse or scroll I hear clearly background sound. (a bit like the old modem sounds)I don't have it on my USB headset, so it must be added on the analog out line.The audio cable has chokes on both e...

Kedas by Level 7
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AHCI mode with the Samsung SSD Pro

I just installed fresh Win 10 on my 1TB Samsung SSD Pro using the USB drive. The problem I'm having is that the software Samsung Magician doesn't recognise that the drive is in AHCI mode. Anyone had this issue before ?What is interesting BIOS is sho...

wasyl00 by Level 7
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ASUS Straight Edge podcast - Skylake and the Z170 platform

The PC industry is teeming with hype. New products and technologies arrive in a flurry of facts and figures extolling their virtues--and often over-selling their benefits. The ASUS Straight Edge podcast cuts through the marketing to focus on what rea...

Raja by Level 13
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Maximus VIII Impact m.2

Hello all,The Maximus VIII Impact manual makes a few references to an m.2 slot, as does the spec listing on several sales sites. Is there actually an m.2 slot, or just the U.2 port and some typos?Thanks

Scratching Sound from speakers

Hi I have a problem with my new ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard. Sometimes (not regularly) I hear a scratching sound from my speakers and also my headset. The drivers are all updated versions.

etwmusa by Level 7
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M Hero new Bios 1001 Vcore buged

Hello there I just tested new BIOS 1001 , and at least for me seems is big step back comparing to 9002 beta BIOS.First of all Vcore settings dont work at all, i mean whatever i set in Adaptive mode i.e. 1.1 -1.36 V, system boot and any monitoring pro...