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Case fans controlled by GPU Temperature

Wouldn't it be nice ?My microATX case has 2 intake fans, the lower one aims at the GPU (I believe ).I'd like it to follow the GPU Temperature.It doesn't seem to be easily doable, though.

claudej by Level 7
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M8 Hero Alpha Drivers

Where do I find the M8 Hero Alpha drivers? The ASUS support page is empty. I can see the BIOS updates, but nothing for the drivers.

Maximus VIII hero 3802 m2 slot settings

HelloFew days ago i finaly buy samsung 970 pro NVME for my pc but i check few videos and I missing settings for m2 slot in bios.Is there any settings?Thanks

Shinnok by Level 7
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M8 Hero Alpha BIOS update wreaking havoc!

Bought the ROG front panel and reviewed the bios as it has been some time. The EUFI search prompted to update to 3101 but after research i found there were many more on the ASUS forums with no issues and 'everyone' says to update to the latest (i kno...

GpuFanHelper at windows startup

Everytime I start my PC I get this annoying GpuFanHelper message It started to come after a new windows update what can I do so it doesnt ask me anymore(I also get it for my Asus Gpu Tweak 2 Thanks


Unable to update the Thunderbolt controller firmware

ASUS release a firmware update to the Thunderbolt controller a few days ago. I am on the newest BIOS and installed the Thunderbolt driver provided by ASUS on their website.When the Thunderbolt feature is activated in the BIOS, the updater says someth...

freddii by Level 8
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Maximus VIII Extreme with ThunderboltEX 3 Problems

Hi ROG forum experts. Does anyone out there have ThunderboltEX3 working with Maximus VIII Extreme???Need your help! Thanks in advance.So far it has been an extremely frustrating exercise. I've tried everything i can think of without success - incl...

RParis by Level 7
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Maximus VII Ranger USB 3.0 connectors

Hello guys, i have a question regarding USB 3.0 connectors on a motherboard Maximus VIII Ranger.Does anyone know if there's any difference between USB3_12 and USB3_34 ? They are both USB 3.0 connectors but i'm unsure whether there is any difference, ...