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Problem with MVIII Ranger Z170 major PCI-e slot

Hello, I build a new system recently and was bothered by a problem for ~2 weeks. The config is: CPU: i7-6700k (stock freq, no oc) Cooler: Corsair H90 MB: ROG MVIII ranger RAM: G.Skill 2*8GB DDR4-3000 Video card: EVGA GTX970 SSC w/A...

Sparkle from Fan header

Ok something bad happened last night, I have all 6 fans inside ny case connected to my case 6 channel fan controller, last night I tried to plug the fan controller PWM cable to my MB Fan_3 header ( originally was connected to CPU fan header per case ...

Resolved: Installation of Windows 7 BSOD after logo

I'm on Windows 10, I wish to be on windows 7 for a dual boot. Anytime I install windows 7 - right after the logo it blue screens.I've set secure boot to 'other OS' but it still crashes asking about some sort of driver.I really don't want to be on win...

5onic by Level 7
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Maximus III Gene...a Pro and a Con

The good news: Got my new Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD. Installation of Windows 10 on it was perfect with no problems. This thing is really fast! :cool:The bad: I've now tried two different sets of RAM (2x8) and the motherboard fails to boot after select...

rchris by Level 7
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VIII Hero (and Ranger) broken HDMI output after BIOS 0802

Hi!I have discovered the following issue after upgrading my BIOS from 0401 to 0802:I have three Monitors connected to my PC - two to my MSI GTX970 and one to the Mainboards HDMI output.With BIOS version 0401 it worked fine.After upgrading to BIOS ver...

Jaws_AT by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero and Firewire card

Greetings. I need to add one of these cards as I still have an older camcorder that requires one to capture old footage. Another thread just suggested getting any card. I've done some research and hopefully someone can confirm if these cards have ...

BJBBJB by Level 7
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So I got this board about 1 month ago and its been very stable up until last week(no changed made from when I got it). My problem is whenever im in the bios i click something(somthing that will save, exit or open a drop down menu with more options) t...

GS540 by Level 7
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Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)

Hi Guys,I'm troubleshooting an issue with one of my USB ports (14) which does not appear to be any of my actual physical USB ports. I made sure of this by plugging in a USB device in every available physical port and they all use different ports.Usin...

ratbone by Level 8
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Preview and later the review Maximus VIII Extreme by FlanK3r

So it is there I was at beautiful Saturday to do some shooting of motherboard and carried the disease, but it's probably worth :). Brno countryside rambles led me to Koniklecová, which grow only Koniklec, but it seems that motherboard HighEnd too ...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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Code 99 / Orange Boot LED

Building a new build for a friend have plugged in everything turned on the pc getting code 99 boot led have tried the followingRemoving ssd and hdd - no luckRemoving video card - no luckRemoving cmos battery then putting back in - no luckDouble check...

vitale by Level 7
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