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Maximus VII Hero freezes after 20-30 mins

My new build works last week just fine. No overclockedNow every 20-30 minutes system freezes and only long power button push can switch off PC.But after that mobo gives Code 00 and cannot boot even to BIOS.Clearing CMOS, MEMOK, remove CMOS battery an...

Shogunov by Level 7
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AI Suite 3 Uninstall Failing Windows 10

Hi,I am trying to uninstall AI Suite 3 but any time I attempt to uninstall it I get the following error. This occurs for any ASUS installer executable. I have tried downloading the newest AI Suite 3 version and installing it so as to uninstall it but...

remicks by Level 7
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Crappy SupremeFx , Realtek driver or sonicsound plugin !

hello every body im new here and just brought a new mobo and its my first asus mobo and its worst !im not a simple user and expert in IT and computer science also wanna explain got an issue with crappy sound card ! and seem it wont fix with reinstall...

JET_1983 by Level 7
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So that Hero Alpha... When? Less bugs?

Probably won't get an answer, but if anyone has any intel (not the processor), do you have any idea when this will come out? I hope soon, I'd like to try it and see if it gives all the issues my current Hero VIII gives. Then I can return that one too...

Hero VIII graphic/sound issue

Hi, when i active the onboard sound, my second monitor(cpu vga) doesn't work, the monitor is on but there's no image.When i deactivate the onboard sound on bios, the second monitor works fine. I'm on 1001 bios version on win10 pro 64bits. Can someone...

Xc1t3 by Level 7
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VIII Hero Motherboard q-code 35 / 4F

Hoping the community can shed some light as this is now the second Maximus VIII Hero motherboard that is exhibiting the same symptoms and ASUS just wants me to RMA it back for a third one, but I don't know if I want a third one if it's a symptom of t...

Zxurian by Level 8
  • 19 replies
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Fastest possible boot settings for Maximus VIII Motherboards?

I have the Gene but I imagine the UEFI is pretty similar among all VIII boards.So can someone inform the me/community what are the best settings to get to Windows desktop as quick as possible please?I've installed all the ASUS utilities if they're ne...

neiljwd by Level 7
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Asus Maximus VIII Ranger i7 6700K Voltage Question

Hi There,I have recently switched to intel, and have begun to start playing with overclocking.I currently have 4.7Ghz set with a multiplier of 47 and a voltage of 1.35V my question is in AI Suite I see the voltage going up to 1.38/1.39V quite often a...