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Thunderboltex3 + Maximus VIII HERO

Hi, guys has anyone tried using thunderboltEX 3 expansion card with HERO mobo? I've been struggling for about a week to make it work and still have no results. My setup: i7 6700k, 16 Gb RAM, GTX 1080, Windows 10(64)So, I have ThunderboltEX 3 card ins...

Error during boot: "Intel ME FW Downgrade failed"

Also, my MaxVIII will not Shutdown or Restart, it has at POST 04(or 05). I have to hold POWER button for 4 seconds to actually shutdown.When I finally get into BIOS Setup, Intel ME FW version indicated is!It looks like Asus has backed out the...

Flashing power LED - Normal operation. VIII Hero

Yesterday my board decided to die on me when I swapped the USB 3 connector from bottom to the side connector, I think I bent a pin and shorted it or something. Anyway, I replaced the board today under store warranty only to find that this one had BIO...

Where to buy

Where to buy this motherboard Asus Rog Z170-I / GT51CA / DP_MB


Sonic Studio II download?

Hi,is there a way to download the software? I've installed the board, put the DVD in the case and it all went into storage in my cellar, since I planned to download the newest software versions anyway. I've checked the download page for my Maximus VI...

bios screen not displaying *solved*

Just got a new 4k tv to use as a monitor and it works fine for the most part, but when booting the pc the bios screen does not display. The tv is connected hdmi and the connection is 4k@60. If I shut the pc off and tv off and cold boot, it will show....

A terrible mother is the Maximus Extreme/Assembly ?

I think I honestly made a mistake buying the Mother "Maximus Viii Extreme / Assembly" in November 2016. I am quite disappointed by some circumstances: 1 ° My voltage + 12V base is 12,288, AN INCREDIBLE MADNESS. I have no idea why this happens. Next,...

Someone over here with GSkill Trident Z RGB??

Hey guys, let’s see if someone can help me:I have an Asus VIIi Formula and I’m thinking about buying a GSkill Trident Z RGB RAM kit. My doubt is how to control those RAM leds since our mobos can’t be updated to Aura last updates, and I’ve seen that G...

z170-a LLC Voltage Regulation. Appeal to the ASUS.

Hardware: Z170-a, 6700k, Hyperx Fury ddr4 3200, Corsair rm 650w, gtx1080.Bios: 3802.Soft: HWiNFO64 v5.84, Aida64 Extreme.First of all, Hello everyone! It took me awhile to gather all of the available info on different resourses before writing to Asus...

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