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Chassis fans on IMPACT VIII

Hi everyone! I bought impact viii alongside a silverstone ftz01, which has three fans.I only have ONE chassis fan connector on the impact, and I got the little fan extension card but I'm clueless on how to install it anywhere on the motherboard/case....

sjredo by Level 7
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Max VIII Hero nVidia Video Card Unrecognized

Greetings,My Skylake build went super smooth except for the graphics card. I installed an EVGA GTX-770 (around 2 years old) - it's aPCI-e 3.0/16 compatible card so I first installed it in the top PCIEX16 slot on the board - fans would turn, but the c...

No Video Output with Intel GPU

Hello,I do not have any signal when using the IGFX thought HDMI, The screen has VGA + DVI inputs (Samsung Full HD SA300), i'm using HDMI/DVI Adapter.I have tested the PC with a TV and it worked fine. (HDMI to HDMI) The monitor also works fine with my...

Can't secure erase M.2 950 PRO Samsung

Hi,M.2 950 PRO Samsung drive, can not secure erase on Maximus VIII Hero BIOS 1202Tried usb method (Magician 4.9) cant find drive, MB secure erase will not touch drive as it is a boot drive, of couse you cant do it from windows using Magician 4.9.Trie...

SYROB by Level 7
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Updated - PCIE_X16/X8_1 and M.2

So I've updated the thread to more accurately describe what is going on. Maximus VIII HeroIntel Core i5-6600KSeagate Barracuda 1TB HDD (only thing remaining from old build)Radeon R9 38016GB DDR4 RAMCorsair RM750 Modular Power SupplySo what appears to...

Incompatible memory - Asus Maximus Series boards

What issues can this bring to the system?I just sow that memory i use in my new system is not compatible with Asus Impact VIII.Memory i use is 2 x 8 GB Corsair (CMK16GX4M2A2666C16) 2666 Mhz.Can memory cause this issues:- USB 3.0 not working- Windows ...

xMolchy by Level 7
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Greetings,my first post i recently make a new z-170 Pc with intel i7 6700k processorand i thinking about to buy the V-NAND SSD SM950 PRO but im not sure if i can run with PCIE_X16/X8_1 & PCIE_X8_2 on ,because i run Crossfirex (2xR9 290) and i need ...

U.2 adapter for SATA express ports

I may order the Hero VIII if the Hero VIII Alpha isn't released soon. Since SATA express is pretty much useless, is there an adapter that allows you to connect a U.2 drive to a SATA express port?

C6/C7 sleep states

Question does having CPU C states set to auto enable c6/c7 sleep states? Or do i have to manual enable them all to get the sleep states?

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