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Re-seat CPU cooler ?

Greetings fellow ROG'ers,After Being on a Core i5 750 1st gen for almost 6 years i figured it was time to spend some hard earned and move up to a skylake rig.i am happy with the build but wondered if the temps between cores are correct, as you can se...


Samsung 950PRO (is it working?)

Hi all - first post -trying to install a 950PRO. Can't see any settings in the BIOS that pertain to M2 (I have read that there was a x4 / M.2 lane switch in some other ROG boards, but I can't see it here). Seem to have the 950 mechanically installed ...

Maximus VIII Extreme Onboard WiFi Issue

Hi All,I have recently built a new system using the Maximus VIII Extreme and have recently begun to experience some problems with the onboard wifi adapter. It will be working fine before I go to sleep, but when I come back to it in the morning it ha...

PeterMV by Level 7
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Intel Confirms Skylake crash erratum - What is ASUS going to do?

Hi there,As a Skylake user, I'm worried about this new that has just appeared: Intel claims that AVX processes may freeze Skylake processors. Here's source:http://www.bit-tech.net/news/hardware/2016/01/11/intel-skylake-crash-erratum/1Intel says that ...

xator by Level 8
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M8R error 55 with XMP Enabled Please Help wont post

Hello all. I have been searching the forums for quite a while now and haven't seen any answers yet so I thought I would write. I just got my VIII Ranger a few weeks ago and its been kind of a pain ever since. The first one I got kept giving me erro...

Maximus VIII Hero / i7 6700 Stuck on Super IO Initialization

Hey everyone,I recently bought a brand new VIII Hero for my GF after having a great experience with the VI Hero in my own PC. However, I've run into a bit of a snag: The mainboard will POST (or beep anyways - there's no output on my 4K screen but tha...

M8G , about fan control

Hallo everyone. I am new her, and on ROG too. Am just wondering why it's can't slow down chasing fans below 60% duty cycle in bios fan control function. It's there any possibility to do this, because at 60% my fans makes a lot of noise. I am using...

Maximus VIII Hero M.2 works as PCIE 2.0

Hello, i have Maxiums VIII Hero and Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M.2 drive.I looked everywhere in BIOS and unable to find settings for M.2, currently it runs on PCIE 2.0 x4 at 10Gbps bandwidth.In my MB user's manual it states it is PCIE 3.0 x4 32Gbps.How ca...

miro_i by Level 7
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unable to install ai suite 3, atkexcomsvc appln error

tried to install ai suite 3 but encountering error:atkexcomsvc.exe appln errorthe instruction at xxxx referenced memory at xxxxxx. the memory could not be read.click on ok to terminate the pgmusing win10, asus max8gene mobo. disk previously resided...