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Motherboard LED error 76

Hi, I just set up my new computer but it won't post- when I press the start button the Motherboard gives me the number 13 and 19 pretty fast, and then stays on 76. I have checked the manual to see what the error number corresponds to and it says 'PCH...

SLI and Intel 750 PCIe x4 on Hero VIII

Before I drop 350$ on this SSD I wanted to verify that I can have 2x GPUs in PCIEx8_1 and PCIEx8_2 and have the 750 in PCIEx4_3. The GPUs need to stay at x8 speed while still offering x4 to the SSD. Is this asking too much of this motherboard? Man...

Maximus VIII Gene Pcie line info

Hello, I want to buy the Maximus VIII Gene but I have questions.If I use M.2 slot in pcie mode x4 line, and I use all SATA ports and/or PCIEX4_1 slot, I have the same performance, or the pcie lines are shared?Thanks

lolwtf by Level 7
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asus maximus hero boot issue

i have installed my asus hero board with a 6700k chip..installed corsair 2666mhz 1.2v ram and a swiftech h320x as the cooler.i also installed a samsung 950 pro.. i booted the computer up fine with just the 950 and a dvd rom hooked up.changed in the b...

Bios updates and current settings

I noticed "save overclock profile" in bios, but it really didn't save anything to my thumbdrive when i tried it..... If it works does this mean you can update bios and then restore settings from saved profiles? Which bios settings does it save?

Asus M8H OC: Adaptive volts or not?

My OC is stable without any Adaptive or Offset modes set, but I was wondering what these do exactly and if it would be better to use them and if so, in what way?Also, any settings I should change considering I'm running an AIO?

bios 1302 nvlddmkm

After updating bios to 1302 I started getting the nvlddmkm error and display driver would crash tried different graphics card and tested memory.The only fix was to flash back to bios 1102.Has anybody else experienced this issue.Maximums hero viiiI7 6...

wrecker by Level 7
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