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BIOS downloads disappeared from ASUS website

Does anyone know what's happened to ASUS web site ?Suddenly ALL recent BIOS versions have disappeared from download section.I'm currently running the version from 2016 that has Skylake microcode fix. but it's not there anymore.

otec by Level 7
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NVMe Drive not so fast....

My 6 year old OCZ Vertex 2e SSD drive boots Win 10 as fast and loads games as quick as my supposedly super fast 256Gb Samsung SM951 M.2 NVMe PCIe drive, is this normal?The M.2 drive reports normal read and write speeds in Crystal disk mark & ATTO, i ...

Problems with RAID5

Hello all.I've been trying to add a RAID5 volume consisting of 3x Samsung 850 EVO SSDs to my Windows 7 x64 system (which is installed on a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD). The BIOS sees the RAID5 volume just fine but Disk Management in Windows does not see...

BIOS and irog

What is irog and how is it related to BIOS? I was thinking that irog was updated when I upgraded the original hero alpha to the latest firmware. However, when I downgraded the BIOS, I did not notice any changes to irog.

Maximus VIII Ranger (Z170) Flashing power LED while awake???

A curious problem with my new ASUS Maximus Ranger VIII motherboard:I've noticed that while the machine is powered up the power LED blinks constantly at a rate of about 1 per second. I can't find anything about this in the manual or using my Google-FU...

Maximus VIII Extreme Sound Problem

Hey there friends!I have the following Problem. I installed everything correctly Realtek/SonicSuite etc. So first of all i experienced that after i boot up and type in my Password on Win10 that i havea heavy input/keyboard lag. If i hit WindowsKey an...

Future proof maximus

Hello again people of ROG.I'm wanting to build a Maximus V III tower consisting of the Maximus extreme, and ASUS strix 980 ti, 32 gigabytes ddr4 vengeance RAM, + 6700 K CPUHow many years will this be future proof to play Triple A titles at 1080p or a...

Not too happy about GPU close to cpu cooler, need advice.

I have the maximus Viii extreme in the corsair carbide 600c which is an inverted layout,CPUs is i6700k unlocked with a be quiet dark power pro cooler, problem is if I use pcie3 slot 1 for the gtx980ti strix it puts the GPU almost touching the cooler...

Rob_W_ by Level 12
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sus Maximus VIII Extreme - FlanK3r user review, AIR+LN2 PART II

There is part I:https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?82398-Asus-Maximus-VIII-Extreme-FlanK3r-user-review-AIR-LN23. The motherboard description Motherboard Maximus Extreme VIII, is like most Extreme versions in the e-ATX size. Motherboard is ther...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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