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My new build Maximus VIII formula

so just finished this water cooling is great but hard work any way all was working ok but my fan hub has stopped working so waiting at the moment for a new one to arrive , i got a stable 4.8 with the software , but changed back to 4.5 til i get all ...

55305 55306 55307 55308
wolfy by Level 8
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Asus Maximus VIII Extreme - FlanK3r user review, AIR+LN2

Asus Maximus Extreme VIII is after several years next extreme versions of the series Maximus. The last one was Maximus VI Extreme in 2013 at chipset Intel Z87 (Maximus Extreme is primary for extreme OC and extreme clock and there was no reason for Z...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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using Angelbird Wings PX1 PCIe x4 M.2 Adapter on Maximus VIII Hero Alpha

If on the Maximus VIII Hero Alpha board I have a 980Ti in the first PCIe X16 slot (gray), and I put the Angelbird Wings PX1 PCIe x4 M.2 Adapter with a Samsung 950 pro on it in the second PCIe X16 slot (gray),will the 980Ti run at X16 speed, or will ...

acerzr2 by Level 8
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The Eyeball test Z170 vs X79

This probably won't be popular but the eyeball test tells me that my old system:1. Rampage Extreme x79 socket 2011 2. Intel i7 3820 3. 12 gb ddr3 Gskill of ram4. Window 7 64 bit5. Nvidia 660 gtx boots up a little faster then my new system which is a...

Access BIOS via PS/2 Keyboard

Hello,I'm looking at building a new computer using the Hero 8 motherboard.Can the BIOS be accessed and adjusted prior to the OS being installed using just a PS/2 keyboard.I see that the BIOS is usually adjusted with a mouse/keyboard combination, but ...

NickG by Level 7
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Ranger VIII VGA-LED( code 62) stays on.

So basically I have problems with new Asus Ranger VIII motherboard.I keep getting freezing VGA_LED sequence with code 62. it takes many many restarts and clear-cmos until mobo gets past that and Asus logo finally apears.Most of the time it keeps free...

mtrxx by Level 7
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New Build, Asus Maximus Gene 8 1151 Kernel-Power

Hello;I completed my build a few days and have been stress testing for stability. I had the system randomly reboot twice while just surfing the web/watching youtube and twice when running prime 95+ heaven/valley/FF.Ive done a fresh install of windows...

Who is running RAM from the QVL list? Problems or no problems?

I've seen people run ram not on the QVL list without any problems, as well as many people having issues with the Z170 boards.Can people post here and state simply what issues they're having and their ram, and if it's on the QVL list or not? Problems ...

Boot freezes on Starting Windows 7 screen

You know the Windows 7 start screen where the 4 little red, yellow, blue, and green dots swirl for form the Windows 7 logo? Yeah my system sometimes -- not always -- freezes before the dots come together.Any ideas how to go about diagnosing and/or f...