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Boot Menu

On the new VIII boards, is there a function key or key sequence to get a boot menu? Wanting to manually boot from an external USB drive.

Please help, post AI suite overclock issues

Hello everyone,This is my first post here, I hope that you help!I was a happy customer until recently I decided to test AI suite overclocking over the weekend.- So the programme started working on overclocking but I noticed that it started puming hig...

55046 55047 55048 55048

Error code 99 on mobo

Hi, my computer was not getting to the BIOS and I was getting the error code 76 on my motherboard and a red CPU light. I took the system apart, re-installed the cpu cooler and tested the mobo with just a stick of ram and the CPU. When I test with jus...

Maximus VIII formula fan headers

I need some information on the max amperage that each fan header can withstand or allow. My fan controller recently took a dump and I have far push/pull on a rad... So im wondering if I am able to use a fan splitter and run three SP120 fans (.18A max...

CPU Cooler for Maximux VIII Formula

I'm doing my first Z-170 build with a Maximums Formula VIII mobo. I'm planning on using an i5-6600k (slight overclocking planned). What I'm struggling with the CPU cooler. I have a tower unit (vertical mount of the board). Most Air based CPU coolers ...

ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme Wifi low signal problem

Hi guys,I've installed the latest drivers and all but the signal I'm getting from the onboard wifi is either 1 or 0 bars...?When I plug in a usb wifi the signal is 5 bars... there is no issues with any other devices in my house with regards to the si...

IO shield : where to buy

Hello,I'm looking to buy a missing IO shield for a Z170-A. Is there any official source for that or am I doomed to search ebay and pay too much for a piece of stamped aluminium. Also, I'm in Canada.Regards,

Virgule by Level 7
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asus hero viii SLI fan connector 4 according to manual

Hi. I have a second 980 TI incoming and in the manual it says if you have dual GPU to plug one fan into connector 4. Is there a reason for this? Right now I have a fan adapter and nothing is connected to connector 4. Will that be a problem?

Maximus VIII Extreme BIOs, Boot, and OC questions..

I bought a Maximus VIII Extreme and Intel i7 6700k 4ghz a few months ago and put a 360 water cooler on it. I had it auto-overclocked to 4.8ghz using 5-Way Optimization until a few weeks ago when I updated to the 1302 BIOS Update. I should have back...

Snacko by Level 7
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