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Motherboard causing incorrect temperature readings?

So I just built a new build with a Maximus VIII Hero and a 6700K. Ever since, my temperature readings have been abnormal. I'm getting 10-14c across all 4 cores using an H110i GTX. But that is impossible since my ambient is @ 20c. Sometimes it would s...

Hero VIII Alpha HDD led

I noticed that the HDD led on my board stays on all the time. It blinks with activity, but stays lit otherwise. I unplugged the case HDD cable, which made no difference. Is this normal? I thought the led would only light during disk activity. ...

Bios 1302 Wont let me change FCLK Freq!!

So I had BIOS 1202 previsouly and I set my FCLK Frequency to 800mhz to give me right decimal with BCLK 125mhz which Results in800 X 125 = 1000 or 1Ghz which is the value I target for stable system with BCLK overclocked.Now after I updated to the newl...

AKBAAR by Level 9
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PCH cooling on Maximus impact viii

My unit isn't crashing at all or not performing. My issue is my pch temps. The highest they've gotten is 70c. I know that max is 80c, but I am uncomfortable getting that close to max temp. I have as much airflow as possible in my case and I am using ...

VIII Hero cannot detect GPU

I have Windows 10 64 bit installed and everything is running so far except for the fact I cannot detect my GPU (XFX R9 390). Here are my specs and what I have done so far.VIII HERO6600k Processor XFX R9 390 GPUGskill 16GB Ram 2x8EVGA 750 PSUFractal ...

System Unstable with XMP settings

It took me about a month to figure out that my xmp setting is what is causing my system to crash every time I play a game. only way to keep my system from crashing is to set the ram to 2133mhz. I tried replacing the ram with a different brand. I star...

Maximus viii hero bios 1402

So bios 1402 finally came out for the Hero today. Has anyone installed it and had grief with it? I'm weary of installing it since the last 2 gave me so many problems. But I've heard it works well on the other VIII motherboards. Please post your thoug...

herbolla by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero, i5-6600K OC with Adaptive voltage

Firstly, my current OC was accomplished by just these settings:1 to 4 core ratio: 45Min. CPU Cache ratio: 41Max CPU Cache ratio: 41CPU Core/Cache voltage: Manual- CPU Core Voltage Override: 1.185v (maybe not enough?) Maximus Tweak: Mode 1 (did this a...