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Maximus VIII U.2 RAID Question

I am considering the purchase of a Maximus VIII. I would like to use a pair of Intel 750 SSDs. One U.2 and one PCIe. Is it possible to set up a RAID 0 like in this ROG article but use the U.2 connector rather than the M.2 connector?http://rog.asus...

z170 Gene Ram Issues

Originally could not get the z170 Gene to boot with any type of ram setting other than default or xmp. Updated bios to 1402, now it will only boot with default and get a 41 code with xmp. Any ideas or suggestions. I've tried a bunch of different thin...

(NEW) Intel Management Engine 11.0 Firmware v11.0.0.1205

Intel ME 11.0 Consumer PCH-H Firmware v11.0.0.1205For 100-series Skylake-S and Skylake-H systems which come with ME firmware v11.0.xGet it here:http://www.station-drivers.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=352&func=fileinfo&id=2050〈=frSTEPS:h...

AKBAAR by Level 9
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GRUB hang after single keyboard press

I have a Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO ATX LGA1151 Motherboard with WIndows 10 installed a M.2 SSD ( Samsung 950 PRO 256GB), Xubuntu 14 LTS (newest one available the second week of January) on a mechanical HD and two more mechanical HDs. Logitech wireless...

Extreme Viii Issues Please help

Hi im new to this forum. I recently builded my own PC with Maximus Viii Extreme and I only having a load of issues that is driving me absolute crazy :(.Problem that I got is that most games I play Crash instantely on start up saying only Exe has stop...

Konig by Level 10
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VIII Hero QCode 41 when OC'ing

Hi!Today I bumped into an issue wherein my PC wont power on. I shut it down last night without issues after playing BF4. And this morning it won't power up though board LEDs are on. Troubleshooting done:1. Pressed Start button directly from the board...

Please Update Bios for Samsung 950 Pro

I own a maximus VIII ranger and bios won't support Samsung 950 pro. This is the most known and buyed m.2ssd so it's a shame that maximus VIII won't support it officially in the bios. BAD JOB DEVS

mikex999 by Level 7
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