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5-Way Optimazation Power Saving Formula

I have my system overclocked. Right now it is set to "performance" and ive never changed it. WIll changing it to "power saving" mode mess with my overclock at all and how will it function between idle and load with "power saving" selected ?

ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Motherboard, Microphone problem.

Hi Everyone,I recently bought ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Intel Z170 Soket 1151 DDR4 3400MHz(O.C.) USB3.1 motherboard and I have problem with the microphone performance. Be it skype or teamspeak, I need to increase microphone volume to 100 and microphone bo...

mcsahin by Level 7
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CPU fan speed error

Hello everybody,I have an ASUS Z170 pro gaming mobo with i7-6700K and Thermalright HR-02 Macho Rev. B.The problem is as follows: each time I turn on my PC, the BIOS first beeps once (apparently no problems), then the loading screen appears for a brie...

Retired by Not applicable
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Asus maximus 7 motherboard warranty concerns

To whom it may concernMy place of purchase refused to swap my motherboard for a new one after I had system freezes and failed boots with error code 55 which means no ram and the first two ram slots on the motherboard didn't work properly. They told ...

Ark-07 by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Formula

Hello my good fellow ROG'ersI just upgraded to the maximus viii formula and I love it, the 6700k and 16GB kingston hyperx predator ram (CL12 2400MHz). Everything is installed and running without a hitch. I did have a heck of a time activating windows...

Nate152 by Moderator
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Maximus VIII Hero - Freeze (hard reset) when idle

Long story short: My PC is running Win 10 and freezes pretty much every time it's idle for a bit. However, I've stayed home playing for several days and haven't experienced a single freeze while it is active. I was hoping to get some input and get ...

Asus Z170 deluxe Qcode 32 & 55

Hi guys! I was building my computer after putting everything and turn it on, Qcode error number 32 if ram is in B2. Qcode error number 55 if in other slot. I also tried to update the BIOS but always failed. Need help guys, this is my build. Mother b...

Aaron1 by Level 7
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Error Code 55 Hero Board help

Hi all,I have had nothing but problems with this board this time around building a computer. No matter what I do I keep getting Error Code 55 on the board. I have tried New ram, Even tried without a cooler on the cpu. Just will not get passed Code 55...

dla911 by Level 7
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Maximus VIII U.2 RAID Question

I am considering the purchase of a Maximus VIII. I would like to use a pair of Intel 750 SSDs. One U.2 and one PCIe. Is it possible to set up a RAID 0 like in this ROG article but use the U.2 connector rather than the M.2 connector?http://rog.asus...