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Fan control when using Linux?

I have the mentioned motherboard.Running Windows 10 Pro 64bit.I would like to use a different fan controlling software other than Fan Xpert 3.Downloaded SpeedFan, but it can't see any of the fans connected to the motherboard.HWMonitor also can't see ...

Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop mouse and keyboard lag

Hello,I have annoying lag issues with my Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Desktop mouse and keyboard when connecting USB 3.0 storage deviceson the only available external USB3.0 5/6 ports on my Maximus VIII Hero motherboard.Had anyone experienced same proble...

Hero VIII Unknown USB Device?

I'm on my second Hero VIII after some issues with the first. This one seems to work fine but I'm still getting this Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) In my device manager. I figure if I'm getting it with 2 versions of the same boa...

rickytuk by Level 10
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Boot up problem ?

I built my system around 5 months ago and I seem to be bumming in to and issues from time to time.I keep booting up my computer and it hangs with a flashing _ and the Q code is AE.I have checked the BIOS and my primary Boot-up is the SSD, external st...

Asus Z170 Gene too slow startup on Windows 10?!...

hi guys,I'm new to the ROG series and been using the Z170 Gene since 2 months.while playing around I realized that the bootup procedure from cold start up to desktop takes almost 30sec.I'm using Windows 10 Pro x64 and I see that most of the time goes...

sahafiec by Level 10
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Maximus VIII Hero and Reserved RAM

Hi,I have a small problem. I currently have 8 GB of RAM installed but Windows says that 77,7 mb RAM is reserved for hardware. I tried to mess in the BIOS settings but can't find any option to get the message gone.Any ideas?

Keep getting one or more network protocols are missing

Hey all. I have a win 10 pro, Hero 8 ,obo, 16 gig ram. Lately when i'm browsing online my internet will suddenly cutout. If I right click the internet icon and select troubleshoot I get the one or more network protocols is missing. If I hit try to fi...

RAMCACHE with Samsung 950 pro

Hello,i have the M8E and i cant select a master drive in RamCache with Samsung 950 pro (Samsung NVMe Driver installed).The select master drive box is empty.Can you help me please?

Nafura by Level 7
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Maximus Viii hero "cpu post-memory initialization" error

Hello guys ! Sometimes when I am starting my pc I got an error . q led code 35 or code 34 and does not open my computer. It is like not working vga because monitor has no signal.Mobo's Manual says: "cpu post-memory initialization " for errors 32-36.W...

Maximus VIII Formula, PCIe 2.0?

I noticed that both the downloaded manual and motherboard's specs page state that this motherboard has 3 1xPCIe 2.0 slots, is this correct? Both the CPU and the PCH slots are PCIe 3.0, so that doesn't seem right.

danjw by Level 10
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