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More detailed BIOS update descriptions please!

ASUS need to up their game when it comes to details in regards to what a new firmware does.Improve system stability could mean just about anything from locking out functions, enabling functions or optimizing how functions work.If you'd like more deta...

Asus Maximus VIII Extreme - FlanK3r user review, AIR+LN2 (part III)

The review part ONE and TWO are at this links:https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?82398-Asus-Maximus-VIII-Extreme-FlanK3r-user-review-AIR-LN2https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?82471-sus-Maximus-VIII-Extreme-FlanK3r-user-review-AIR-LN2-PA...

FlanK3r by Level 13
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Question about XMB.

With XMB disabled (which is default) my RAM speed shows 2133 MHz. This is both in the BIOS and in Task Manager. My RAM is DDR4 3200 MHz. The only way I get that speed is to go into the BIOS and select Profile 1 under the XMB setting. I selected that ...

Please Help Validate my Samsung 950 PRO SSD Boot Drive Install - Windows 10

I received advice from Chino to get a Samsung 950 Pro NVME 256 GB SSD to use as my W10 boot drive as I work to get a clean W10 install.I see many post with set up instructions for other ASUS MB or Win7 and special Bios settings.I hope to know i have...

gabby09 by Level 7
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viii hero vrm temps

hi guys,i have a aio cooler installed in my pc, so no active cooling on my mobo vrm, my temps on idle is ~40degrees, on full load its at ~50-55 degrees maxmy setup is : viii hero,6700k @4.6ghz 1.35voltstesting it with realbench : vrm temp at 55degree...

BIOS 1504 + Samsung 950 PRO NVMe = Boot speed of 4 seconds.

Things you have to do: 1. Make GPT UEFI USB installer windows 10 disk using RUFUS 1.72. Disable CSM in your BIOS settings. 3. Boot Windows setup from the created USB drive by pressing F8 at ASUS ROG logo screen at the very beginning.4. Make sure you...

d5aqoep by Level 8
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Problems with new Maximus VIII Formula (or possibly Skylake problems)

Hi all thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and chiming in if you feel you can help.I built a new rig almost two weeks ago and it has been running amazingly until just two nights ago when I suddenly started getting "WHEA_uncorrectable_e...

scrap264 by Level 7
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ASUS software problems. Is it the board, bios or the software? Anyone else?

On second Maximus VIII Extreme Board. Both had same issues. Bios = 1402, have tried on previous versions. Using Windows 10 Pro 64This post is related to issues that occur when using some of ASUS's programs and AI Suite III. 1) Q fan - when I run t...

ryguy76 by Level 7
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help please. not sure if CPU or MB is toast

Hey. So I just built my first PC about 4 months ago. And it has ran since the start with 0 problems. All the sudden it froze up while gaming. Thought it was odd. But I rebooted and it happened again. I had planned to do a re format the next day so I ...

Maximus VIII Gene sound problem in windows 10

Hi , so I have a strange problem my sound sometimes becomes crackly .The best way to explain it is if you have ever had wireless head phones and there is interference it sounds like that. Its crackling sound when any audio plays.This sometimes happen...