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enable Message Signaled-Based Interrupts for your sound card

using this tweak on windows to force your hardware ( mouse,keyboard, sound card, gpu , network card) to use Message Signaled-Based Interrupts rather than Line-Based will resolve most issues, for example (Latency. sound crackling,crackling/popping and...

AKBAAR by Level 9
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(NEW) Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Version WHQL

it's a good habit to keep all your drivers up to date.one of them is the storage controller for your RAID or SSD or any AHCI compiant Drives as it give you a slight boost and information regarding your S.M.A.R.T diagnostic for your HDD or SSDIntel Ra...

AKBAAR by Level 9
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Corsair memory issue

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I installed 16GB of Corsair Vengence DDR4. That is the only RAM installed.It is supposed to be 2400mhz but the Hero VIII only catches it at 2133. I admit to knowing next to nothing about RAM, so I don'...

(NEW) Intel Chipset Device Software version WHQL

installing chipset device software needs a little trick to install correctly and remove old one and replaced with whole new driver.All you have to do is add the command -overall on the end on the line of the *.exe filelatest for chipset is : Intel Ch...

AKBAAR by Level 9
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Maximus Ranger xmp problem 3000

Hello,I'm new here and its my first Asus ROG motherboard anyway i have a kit of 16GB (8X2) drr4 3000 mhz i have a Maximus VIII Rangerwith an i7 6700k my problem is i cant boot while xmp is on, i could POST on 2900mhz pretty stable i didnt go through ...

M8F downloaded manual error

In the current downloaded manual for the Maximus VIII Formula, I found the following error: Page iX: "The PCIe x4_4 slot shares bandwidth with SATA6G_56. The PCIe x4_4 is default set to x2 mode." This is the specs section and the slot should be PC...

danjw by Level 10
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Choosing between ROG EXTREME and Premium: Power phases and stability.

ASUS Z170 Premium:16 + 4 + 2 Phase Power DesignASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME:8+4+1 Phase Power DesignI'm choosing between these two mobos and I need the most stable one. I'm really confused with the fact ROG mobo has less power phases.Can someone exp...

Bios settings for dual boot?

I have not been building new pc for 6 years. My old Gigabyte Intel pc began to malfunction, I suspect it's HDD, probably wear and tear. So I went ahead and ordered all necessary parts to build a new pc. My issue is Bios settings, it's all new to me, ...

maximus viii audio issues, big thanks to rog community

Back in early December I purchased a Maximus VIII Hero. I immediately had problems with audio pops and clicks. Basically what people are describing as the audio channel opening and closing... very annoying. Frustratingly, a friend of mine purchase...

VIII Ranger and the Adaptive Voltage Option

Hi Folks,i have a 6600K running on a VIII Ranger Board (Bios 1504).The CPU has a stable overclock at 4700Mhz@1.330vcore in manual mode.Cache runs at 4100MHz, LLC 5.Now i tried to set the vcore in the "additional turbo mode cpu core voltage" setting t...

sulux by Level 7
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