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SpeedStep stopped working after migrating from 950 Evo to 970 Evo SSD...

Maximux VIII Genei7-7700kWindows 10I'm about 90% positive that it stopped working right after I cloned my install to the 970 Evo. I look at the task manager fairly often and would have noticed if it had happened before the hardware change.Nothing sus...

PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse combo port

Does the rear panel PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse combo port on the Hero allow the use of both keyboard and mouse together by use of a splitter cable, or can only the keyboard or mouse be used, but not both together.The manual has no mention of this, and as fa...

NickG by Level 7
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For The Intel RST Are There Drivers Only?

For the Intel Rapid Stoage on the Asus site; IRST15.7.1.1015_RS2_20170718Is there a way to get these as drivers only without the GUI Management front-end for this thing, and all this bloat? I've personally never used the Management GUI, don't see muc...

SlackROG by Level 10
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Ai Suite 3-Fan Qpert upgrade - Where are my custom profiles?

Before I upgraded AiSuite 3 I saved my current custom fan profile as the profile I was currently running and saw ALL of my other saved tweaks I tediously setup when I did my build when I saved it. Several....After my the update of AiSuite 3, I see ...

BJBBJB by Level 7
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Setting 5.1 levels for onboard audio in win 10 and/or Sonic Studio

I just upgraded my audio driver which installs the new Sonic Studio. I have looked all over and I just cannot find where you can set the individual levels of each speaker in the 5.1 setup. I can go to the realtek "audio device" in windows 10 and I ...

BJBBJB by Level 7
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ASUS MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT and U.2 to M.2 Adapter?

Hi, My ASUS MAXIMUS VIII IMPACT Motherboard has a U.2 but no M.2 port. Would an adapter work well for this?Like this one?:https://www.ebay.com/itm/U-2-SFF-8639-to-NVME-NGFF-M-2-M-key-PCIe-SSD-Case-Enclosure-for-Mainboard/132714872614?hash=item1ee66c3...

Union by Level 7
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Bent pin on mainboard (now okay) and red color voltage in AI SUITE

Hello,yesterday was very stressful day. Processor is I5 6600.I bent 2-3 pins on my Z170-P. I successfully straightened them and powered up my PCIn the mean time I also f*cked up my cooler, so I changed to better one (I had stock for i5 processor, now...

KEANO17 by Level 7
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