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Windows 7 installation on Hero VIII to SM951 M2 (AHCI) card.

Hello,I have just built a new computer comprising:-Hero VIII MBSkylake i7 6700K16 GB Corsair MemorySamsung SM951 M2 AHCI CardSeagate 2TB HD's (2 off)ASUS DVD Re-writer (2 off)ASUS Strix GTX960 2GB Video cardI am totally new to UEFI BIOS and settings ...

NickG by Level 7
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Ranger VIII random click

Hi, I recently upgraded to a maximus ranger viii motherboard and I've been hearing this single tick/click during boot and at random times when the pc is turned on.Everything else in the pc stayed the same, I just switched cpu, motherboard and memory ...

Varjo by Level 7
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hyper card in x4 slot gene VIII

Can I use the m.2 hyper card in the x4 slot along with the on board m.2 slot? I know on the x99 system you could not do this as you had to use a x16 pcie slot .Cheers Wils

wils07 by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Ranger Q-Code 00 Will not boot

HiI am trying to diagnose the above issue for a friend from a distance (he lives quite far from me)His build is;Case https://www.scan.co.uk/products/nzxt-source-530-full-tower-matte-black-modular-case-with-side-window-2x-120mm-fans-w-o-psuMobo https:...

Maximus Vlll Extreme/assembly

I just installed a new Motherboard (above) installed a new CPU (skylake 6700k) and 32 gb G.Skill Tridentz Memory. The Bios and Wndows is only seeing 16gb in slots B1 and B2. I have 4 sticks of Memory each 8gb Two matched Pairs. What do I need to do t...

XMP advantages? if any?

I have 3000 XMP memory but running on standard... 6700k Hero boardIs there any advantage of using the XMP profile? Will PC run quicker etc?

spluff by Level 7
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Maximus Ranger VII + Windows 10 shutdown problem...again

Hey guys,you're kind of my last hope to get this damn problem fixed Like many others I have the problem that my PC won't properly turn off, LEDs keep lighting and fans keep spinning, so I have to hold down the power button until everything goes off.I...

occasional no boot with code 00

I have a Maximus VIII Hero Alpha on BIOS 1601 and a i7-6700K. I use G.Skill DDR4-3000 CL15 (on the QVL). I typically run a 4.5GHz overclock but have tested this issue at stock as well. The overclock is tested with 4 hours of RealBench on max ram, ...