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Hero VIII HD Audio ot AC97 BIOS Setting - where is it ?

Hello, On page 1-35 of the motherboard manual connection details are shown for the AAFP connector.HD Audio and AC97 details are shown, and it is stated that the required one can be selected in BIOS.I have been unable to locate this setting.The HD Aud...

NickG by Level 7
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New BIOS for Z170 chipset motherboards (1701)

barely a month has passed since the first release of BIOS version 1601, we now have version 1701, and unsurprisingly, without any changelog details. any early adopters here? any feedback? I'm dreading the reconfiguration of all the custom BIOS se...

hiong by Level 8
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Maximus Viii extreme and extreme assembly

What's is the difference with these two motherboards beside the included DAC and 10GB CARD? Does it have everything the original board have because on the package it does not show the OC panel

Konig by Level 10
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Hero VIII Clicking, Crazy stock Voltage and RMA Story

Has anyone else noticed this board clicks when boot up or shutting down? Mine also clicks right before Windows stats. It's definitely coming from the motherboard. Also what's with stock vcore of 1.39 on 6700K. I don't trust any of the readings I'm g...

rickytuk by Level 10
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Does Asus Support exist or not really?!?

hi guys,it's been exactly a week since I've sent a support request to Asus regarding my motherboard.the product is registered at Asus web site and I got even a case support number.although it said "it could take up to 48 hours for a return" today aft...

sahafiec by Level 10
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Maximus Hero VIII Q code 25 after XMP activation

Hello,I have a problem with my board, after i activate xmp in bios i get the q code 25 and pc dones't post, i need to CLR CMOS button to get the pc to start again.I've tried the folowing:- tried loosening the cpu cooler- tried to run xmp with only on...

On board sound vs a sound card Asus Hero VIII for FPS gaming

Has anyone compared the onboard sound to a dedicated card, such as the Asus Xonar Essence STX. I was just curious if it is worth adding a sound card for directional sound pinpointing playing FPS games or the onboard sound is good enough. I was thin...

Maximus Hero VIII: Undocumented jumper

I just noticed an undocumented jumper on my HERO VIII motherboard. It's located near LN2-jumper, as in the picture. What might that be? Searching revealed no information about it.

Windows 7 installation on Hero VIII to SM951 M2 (AHCI) card.

Hello,I have just built a new computer comprising:-Hero VIII MBSkylake i7 6700K16 GB Corsair MemorySamsung SM951 M2 AHCI CardSeagate 2TB HD's (2 off)ASUS DVD Re-writer (2 off)ASUS Strix GTX960 2GB Video cardI am totally new to UEFI BIOS and settings ...

NickG by Level 7
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