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Need help with Extreme Viii still not solved

I'm making a new thread as my old thread seem to been ignoredI'm still facing funny issues with my Extreme Viii board but some issues seem to been eliminated.Issues I had and haveWas many different games crashing during start up and I seem to fixed t...

Konig by Level 10
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Help with TridentZ - DDR4-3200 CL14 on Maximus VIII formula

Hello guys,I recently finished my new build and to my surprise when I go to boot I was greeted with Qcode 55 on the maximus viii formula. I couldn't get it work so I ended up booting up with a DDR4-2400 stick and that works fine. Does anyone have any...

Explicit by Level 7
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Issue with HDD indicator and PCIe M.2

Hello everyone, new guy here seeking advice.I just built a rig for the first time in almost a decade. The world of PC hardware has changed quite a bit in that time...An Asus board for my build was a no-brainer, and I purchased a M8 Hero for my rig. O...

Asus Drivers

Is there any way to find all the Asus drivers for Extreme viii that are more updated because asus website list drivers that are like 1 year old

Konig by Level 10
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M2 SSD Suggestion

I've just received a Maximus VIII Formula and wanted to know from the community if getting a M2 SSD is really worth it? I'm using this box for gaming and streaming. I have 2 SSDs for OS / Games and a HDD for storage. Thanks.. v/rScott

iCeD00D by Level 7
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KeyBot II Port

This Intel USB 3.0 port supports the KeyBot II feature. Furthermore, the manual states you must connect your USB keyboard to this port if you wish to take advantage of it. Reference p. 2-14 of the User's Guide for its location. Unfortunately, the ...

NoSpeed by Level 7
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Annoying tick sound when initializing sound card.

Hey,I've got the Maximus 8 Impact mother board with a clean Windows 10 Pro installation.After installing Windows, I've used Windows Update to install all updates.It also installed the sound card for me.I've used this driver for a week with no problem...

asus maximus hero w/ samsung 950

Hey guys I just went out and bought a new build. the specs are as followsi7 6700kasus maximus viii hero2x16 ddr4samsung 950 pro 256gbsamsung 850 pro 256gbThe issue I am having is that the BIOS will recognize the 950 pro but when I go to create a par...

wcryan by Level 7
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Help keeping VCore below 1.2 (6700k)

I'm having an issue with my BIOS settings. I have the max adaptive voltage set to 1.2 and the offset set to 0.001v. Despite this, my chip always goes up to 1.26-1.28 under load. If I stress test, I get Vdroop and the chip runs at 1.200v. Since I am s...