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Asus Aura Question

Currently Asus Aura is supported for several motherboards. The 970 Pro gaming, b150 and b150i, several rog z170 motherboards. They have 5-6 different led modes.However, with the new x99 motherboards, they are given up to 11 different color modes. ...

Impact VIII TrueVolt 5V

hey guysive noticed the impact VIII impact claims to have 2 x USB ports dedicated with TruVolt 5V ive looked in the manual and can't see to find which 2 it is as I like to make sure my soundcard is plugged into one of the 5V onesthanks!

Asus11 by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Extreme and 00 Q-Code

HI,First of all I would like to thank anyone who is going to spend time helping me with my problem. I am first going to describe the system and then provide a brief history of how the problem came about and what I have done in attempts to resolve it...

vyras by Level 7
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Strange Boot Menu Option (can't disable)

Hi All,I have an ASUS formula VIII and bios 1701 + samsung 950 pro SSDEver since I went to BIOS 1601 (and also in 1701) I've had a permanent boot option menu that I can't seem to get rid of. It's a BIOS type menu, with something like:Please select bo...

Jayzus by Level 9
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Someone care to Recommend RAM?

I built my ROG Maximus VIII Hero system back in September of 2015 (specs should be up to date in my profile) with 16 GB of G.SKILL Ram with the intention of updating to 32 GB once the price came down.The price has come down and I ordered another 16 G...

nCubed by Level 7
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Q-Code 14

okay so when I go to my computer in the morning it's acting weird and the mouse was lagging so I restarted the computer and then it just stay there but it'll be proposed and the Q display only shows 14. I start swapping out the ram remove the hard d...

Fans cycle with casual load

I have an i7 Skylake system and my fans cycle up (and then down within seconds) even with just reading email and simple web pages.I have gone into fan Xpert and set curves and spin up/down delays where this just should never happen.I have my hard dri...

BJBBJB by Level 7
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VRM Cooling Advice: Formula VIII

Hi,My Formula VIII just arrived and I am looking for some advice regarding the VRM waterblock.I'm reusing the radiator and case from a previous build so changing rads is not an option. The radiator is a discontinued Feser TFC X-Changer 240. Its a thi...

ATG by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Hero: Computer will sometimes fail to shutdown

Hello,about a month ago I purchased this motherboard and I'm very happy with its performance. I have no other issues and in fact my PC performs great even on the most demanding games. However this issue is quite silly and irritating. I've read a lot ...