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Asus Impact VIII Z170 + Corsair link? No USB 2.0 header?

Hello! First post here, hopeful that someone can help!So i got this motherboard today, started to build the new PC but when i was about to connect my good old H100i to the USB 2.0 header, it is nowhere to be found? How am i supposed to use Corsair li...

Malkan by Level 7
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Fan Extension and thermistor cable

I have a few questions about mounting the fan extension board and the thermistor cable. I've posted them to Asus Support but thought I'd throw it out here for responses too.Fan Extension board mounting1. Where is it intended that I mount the Fan Exte...

Windows 10 Becomes Irresponsive After Leave for 15 Minutes

Hello Everyone,I may have met the weirdest computer problem in my life.First of all, here are my builds:CPU: INTEL I7-6700KMOBO: MAXIMUMS VIII GENEGPU: EVGA 980 TI FTWSSD: SAMSUNG 950 PRO 512GBRAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum 32GB 3200MHZPSU: Corsair ...

x1uan by Level 7
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Hero Alpha - WiFi Adapter Gone Missing

[ONGOING]UPDATE 10/2/16 - still no real joy. Reverting to 0205 then back to 1304 worked for a day but still broken (see thread)UPDATE 8/2/16 16:44 - several Windows 10 updates last night and the adapter has disappeared again.UPDATE 12:18 - reapplied...

BarneyC by Level 8
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Maximus VIII Formula and samsung 950 pro

Just bought a new M8F board and updated it to the latest bios.First of many issues is that with csm disabled it can't detect my win10 usb drive or my samsung 950 drive. With it enabled it detects it but windows installs with an mbr partition. How can...

xfactor by Level 7
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Sound skipping when playing games

My set up is:Hero Viii980TII7-6700K 4,00Ghz16 gig ramWhen I play games my sound skips and cuts in and out. Im not sure what the issue is or how to fix it.

Maximus VIII Extreme Won't Recognize M.2 Raid 0 As Bootable Option

I have two Samsung 950 Pro's installed on the motherboard. One in the M.2 slot, the other in the 4th PCI port via an adapter. With the BIOS factory reset to the latest firmware (1701) it recognizes the two M.2 SSD's as well as four other 6TB hard dri...


Formula VIII - WATERCOOLED @ 5GHzHi all - Just [almost!!] finished my latest build - Thought I'd post a few pics on the ASUS ROG forum.Formula VIII6700K @ 5Ghz [1.43v]Corsair [4x 8GB 3200]Corsair 1500AXiSamsung 950 PRO 512GBSamsung 850 PRO 1TBEVGA 98...

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Costas by Level 10
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