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M8F mechanical off power state (all lights off)

Hey,from time to time my M8F shuts down completely (like a mechanical off, G3 power state) when i turn my pc off. like every led is off, like its not connected to a psu. i have S5 power mode enabled to use my keyboard to turn the pc on with keybot. t...

Minsekt by Level 7
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Hero VIII Z170 Load Line Calibration 1-8

Hi Guys,I want to use Adaptive Turbo Mode Voltage which LLC should i use so that my Voltage from 1.3v doesn't exceed?Greetings Neo

neo243 by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Formula -- Open Broadcast Software (OBS)

Good morning. First my apologies for not posting my results with you guys after the RAM resolution, but the board has been running great and stable. Tks for all the help.So over the weekend I noticed that I'm experiencing huge amounts of lag when I...

iCeD00D by Level 7
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Help please.

I was cleaning my pc and I drop the motherboard and one of the voltage regulator broke, I need to change but I can't see the number on top, can some. One with the same mobo please check the numbers on top of the Of the little component and post it h...

jonyboy by Level 7
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VIII Formula m.2 clearance to cover? Also bios settings for M.2 drive???

Sitting at idle I'm at 64C on my 950 pro 512. This is nuts to say the least. When I swapped over to this setup from a VI Formula I don't really recall noticing much if any clearance that would be available between the chips and the cheesy plastic cov...

scgt1 by Level 8
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OC Panel II or OC Panel?

I want to get the OC Panel for this motherboard. Is the standard OC Panel forward compatiable or am I required to purchase an OC Panel II?I cannot source them in Australia. I have asked PC Case Gear but no response as yet.If it is compatible, what ar...

rtfmoz by Level 7
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Hdmi stopped working after installing w8

I have a maximus viii hero.This is what happened:I'm using a tv as my only display (main display) because I don't have a monitor in my hands yet. I'm using the onboard hmdi output. I installed w8, all was working fine. I was able to see the desktop a...

Azahar by Level 7
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GTX 970 problems with Hero VIII

I switched my Motherboard Hero VIII processor I7-6700K and memory to Kingsto Savage DDR4 8GB(kit) and I started having strange issues with my GPU. Overwatch crashes when I launch (sometimes my GPU goes from 50c to 80c when I launch the game) and Path...

Wohoo by Level 7
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Bluetooth Chip (HID Proxy)

I'm trying to find information on the bluetooth chipset on this board, but can't find anything. What's the actual chip here?Does it support HID Proxy, which is a way to make bluetooth keboard work even in BIOS


Maximus Hero VIII has been showing several different Q-Codes when Win 10 Pro will not complete boot up to the Log-on. Just started after working fine for 6 months. No changes were made prior to problem. Question is: What Q-code should be showing ...