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ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Formula - Sound and shutdown issues

Hi there!I decided to build a new PC with the mainboard Maximus VIII Formula. Here are the specs:-> Intel Core i7-6700K-> MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G-> Corsair Professional Series Platinum AX860i-> Corsair Dominator Platinum DIMM Kit 32GBIssue #1:As seen b...

deus512 by Level 7
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SupremeFx III Impact Leds

Is there a way to disable the leds on the SupremeFX III Impact sound card sockets? My PC is in my bedroom and the leds are lighting up the wall at night.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk

mcfluff by Level 7
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F4 nightmare

Hey guys! I built my skylake computer here in Dec 2015 with zero problems. I used chino's tutorial to get to 4.8 with zero issues. Yesterday 7 months after building it I saw windows 10 bsod for the first time. ok , re-boot and now I get f4 q-code err...

One video card in second PCI-E won't work?

I have an EVGA GTX 960 FTW video card and unfortunately it's 1/8" too long to fit in the first PCI-E slot with a fat EKWB XE 240 Radiator mounted on the front of a Corsair 540 Air Case.The video card will fit in the second PCI-E slot just fine, but t...

pam007 by Level 7
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FIXED! Maximus VIII Hero Alpha Shutdowns after POST

I just built a setup recently, been running fine for two weeks now. Last night this just start happening. If the PC was shutdown previously. It would start POSTing and right before it boots windows, it just shuts off completely(like a lost of power)....

VIII Formula Not Detecting GPU (gtx 780)

I turned on my computer last week and my monitors didn't wake up or display an image. I could hear windows boot up as well as skype alerts, but no image on either screen. I though at first my video card ate it, but apparently that's not the problem.I...

midiout by Level 7
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POST takes too long

I just finished a new build and upon the first time starting it to go in and check BIOS settings, the POST takes too long. It takes about 3-4 minutes for it to finish and then the BIOS prompt will show on the monitor. I checked and rechecked all the ...

Noctua NH-D15S

Hi to all, I am building new rig with this motherboard Maximus VIII extreme. I want to continue using air cooler. I tried Noctua NH-D15 but blocked the PCI-E first slot. I was informed that Noctua NH-D15S will work and will not blocked PCI-E first s...

Medico by Level 7
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Maximus VIII Impact Terrible slowdowns and underclocking? Help!!

Hi, so i just built a new computer using this board with the following parts :PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchantCPU: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz Quad-Core Processor ($219.99 @ SuperBiiz) CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 ...

meanie by Level 7
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Maximus Viii Hero 950 m.2 Raid 0 not detected

HelloI need some help I can not boot from a hyper m.2 x4 mini card with 950 with raid toggled in bios I want to make raid 0 with a 950 directly on the board, I saw a guide here in the articles but I wasn't unable to make raid,The bios is 1701 latestT...

skydoy by Level 7
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